Alyasra Foods

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With over 25 years of industry experience, Alyasra Foods carries a wide selection of leading international food and beverage brands to homes and businesses across Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets

Since the company was founded in 1989 by Yousef Al Sager in the Shuwaikh Industrial area in Kuwait, Alyasra Foods has grown from a relatively modest venture into a trusted name in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and foodservice markets, supplying a wide selection of leading international brands from the food and beverage markets to clients across the GCC. The business later commenced operations in Iraq during 2003, before expanding into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in 2013. Alyasra Foods today continues to operate with ambitious plans to become the region’s best distribution and marketing solutions partner in the Middle East.

Alyasra Foods is currently managed by a multi-cultural team of over 2700 employees that serve homes and businesses, representing the largest supplier to the hotel, restaurant and café (HORECA) sector within the Gulf region. “Alyasra Foods leads the market in frozen foods, fresh dairy and potato chips amongst other high-quality products,” says Marketing Manager, Gebran Edouard Charbine. “In everything we do, Alyasra Foods strives to retain and enhance the essence of what makes the company successful. This is the company’s uncompromising commitment to our customers, vision and core values. Alyasra Foods prides itself on its simple company values of integrity, diversity and the passion to succeed and has achieved international standards in ISO 22000:2005 certification for food quality and safety in receiving, storing and delivering goods to customers.”

Trusted distributor
Across the company, Alyasra Foods serves two key business channels comprising its business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations. Its business-to-business activity involves modern trade in the foodservice sector, including hotels, fine dining restaurants, fast service restaurants, franchises, cafes and catering operations. Alternatively, its operations in the business-to-consumer market are comprised of retail and direct customers, including hypermarkets, local supermarkets and grocery stores. By operating in a diverse base of food and beverage outlets, Alyasra Foods can serve the interests of all its stakeholders. Indeed, as one of the largest suppliers to the food service and retail sectors, the company’s partner brands are the top three players in water, fresh dairy and potato chips, as well a market leaders in the cereals, frozen poultry, meat and vegetable categories. By implementing an innovative approach to the market, Alyasra Foods increases the visibility of its partner brands, therefore strengthening its client relationships and position in the market. This has allowed the company to become a trusted distributor of products for leading brands in the FMCG market including Sadia, Al-Safi Danone, LambWeston, Kellogg’s, Pringles, Dr. Oetker and many others.

Alyasra Foods aims to provide excellent services to all of its partners to achieve complete satisfaction, thus ensuring the welfare of stakeholders and to continuously innovate the foodservice sector. With a fleet of over 400 vehicles, the company is able to provide full end-to-end supply chain solutions for all areas of the food and beverage market, including retail, key accounts food service, government institutions and home delivery. To support its logistical operations, Alyasra Foods continues to invest in cutting-edge technology through the implementation of the Oracle E-Business Suite, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and INFOR (EXCEED) WMS to drive process efficiency and manage both the performance and inventory of the business. This allows Alyasra Foods to reach every segment of the market, as well as to manage its own private labelled products in addition to leading licensed brands, which together with the brands that it distributes results in a complete product offering. This allows the company to move in line with the market and to deliver the highest levels of quality and service. “As market demand changes so do we. We want to continue being the leader in providing value-added brand distribution solutions to Kuwait and the GCC as well as to continue to focus on investing in our people,” Gebran explains. “We will always continue to develop our expertise, invest in the company’s private brands and inspire our partners for immediate and long-term results.”

The company’s private brands are an important concept within Alyasra Foods that enables the business to achieve its goal of delivering a complete service package to the food industry. “Juman is our very own private label that we take great pride in. It is exclusively produced by Alyasra Foods and spans several product categories that include water and beverages, rice, nuts, spices, coffee, rice and dried fruit. The range is available within the retail market through our network of store concessions and represents greater taste, freshness and value,” Gebran details. “ Alternatively, the ‘Only’ range represents our premium brand of organic products that offers healthy products to the market, helping to achieve personal health and wellbeing. The range includes juices and eggs that are farmed free of harmful chemicals, resulting in produce that is packed with natural nutrients and taste.”

These exclusive ranges are supplied alongside the company’s Altaiyeb Rice private label that delivers the finest Indian basmati race and its Chef Juman range, which delivers a full range of solutions in the dairy category. Additionally, its Makani label, taken from the Arabic meaning ‘my place’, represents a uniquely designed concept for retail stores that highlights the selective categories of Alyasra Foods’ seafood, poultry, meat and dairy products to consumers and restaurant owners.

End-to-end solutions
The market for fresh and tempting food items is a highly competitive environment in which clients demand the very highest standards in freshness, quality and service. With close to three decades of industry experience, Alyasra Foods is on-hand to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and deliver exceptional food and beverage services. “One of the market challenges that we face daily is the increased competition in the sector, resulting in a need to reduce the cost of our overheads. This is especially true in light of the staggering drop in oil prices worldwide that has caused a trickledown effect throughout the region. However, with that being said we have always found various ways to stay on top when it comes to providing solutions to both the company’s shareholders and stakeholders. We will continue to be market leaders and to develop, motivate and create expertise with our team to increase sales and long-term results,” Gebran concludes. “During the coming 12 months we will be focused on delivering outsourced full solutions to the international food service industry by providing end-to-end solutions to Kuwait and the market within the KSA. This will also involve giving full attention to our value added proposition services, which includes a strong supply chain planning team for product availability and forecasting, a user-friendly order placing system and an excellent warehousing storage capacity within the chilled, frozen and dry categories.”