Ambitious commitment

As part of this ambition, Gerber has also committed to carbon neutrality across its baby food portfolio by 2035 through collaboration with a third-party carbon neutral certifier, with 100 percent of its Organic portfolio and Natural pouches and glass jars set to be carbon neutral in 2022. Gerber is the first US company to announce its commitment to produce carbon neutral baby food products, representing the most ambitious climate commitment in the industry, and the integration of Gerber’s long-standing sustainable practices and new innovations that will reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

“For generations, Gerber has been committed to doing anything for baby, including taking action to help protect the planet, so babies can grow and thrive for years to come,” said Tarun Malkani, President and CEO at Gerber at the time of the announcement. “The commitment we make today is the start of the next chapter in elevating the choices we give parents who are seeking food that is good for baby and good for the planet, harnessing the next generation of regenerative farming and sustainable business practices. Our commitment to carbon neutrality is an important step in our climate journey, which will continue beyond 2035.”