ASM Foods

An air of euphoria

Ingredient supplier to multiple food industries for more than 70 years, ASM Foods is continuing to grow at a steady pace, increasing its presence around the world

For ASM Foods, the last 12 months have played host to some particularly strong sales figures, especially in its bakery, dairy and flagship ice cream ranges. The company’s revenue growth of ten per cent compared to that recorded at this time in 2010 can in part be put down to its ever increasing export business. 2011 to date has seen over 50 per cent of the company’s total produce exported to an impressive 48 countries: “A lot of the company’s growth does still come from within its home market of Scandinavia, however at the same time countries like Spain and the US continue to grow as does Iran, where it has had its own small success story with a new ice cream customer that has grown rapidly in the last year,” explains Roger Altsäter, chief executive officer of ASM Foods.
ASM Foods 2011 2
Beginning life in the early 1940s, ASM Foods has operated from the same location in Mjölby, Sweden for over seven decades. During this time is has gone on to establish itself as a world leading ingredient supplier to the ice cream, dairy, bakery, confectionary and dessert industries. Within the ice cream market its ingredient range
covers everything from chocolate and compound coatings to centre fillings and sauces. Elsewhere its bakery range extends from fruit preparations to chocolates, the company’s dairy operations centre around yogurt and dairy jams while it also delivers fat and water based fillings to its confectionary customers.

As is necessary to remain a key player within the food industry, ASM Foods has a strong track record in extending and updating its product range to satisfy its customers’ changing tastes and demands. As Roger goes on to state, 2012 will continue this trend of bringing new products to market: “The company is now in the process of finalising a new food concept that is plans to unveil at the FIE food trade fair in Paris at the end of November. Called Euphoria, this concept comes in three different forms, one called Extreme, another Gourmet and the third Dream, and these will individually cater for the company’s ice cream, bakery and dairy activities. A very exciting development for ASM Foods, Euphoria promises customers the ultimate food experience and it is hoped this will go one step further in showcasing ASM Foods’ commitment to innovation.”

Clear strategy
This ability to innovate is obviously not the only characteristic that has helped make ASM Foods the force it has been and remains today: “What also makes the company stand out from its competitors is its vast level of experience and know-how that have allowed it to become a specialist ingredient supplier to numerous markets,” Roger enthuses. “Furthermore, the company has proven itself more than capable of responding to its customers needs and requests, something it has continued to do in close to 50 countries.”ASM Foods 2011 3

Despite its success, Roger does state that the company, like the vast majority of those in the industry, has not been immune to the economic downturn of recent years: “While conditions have undoubtedly improved in the last 12 to 18 months, the food industry will continue to face several challenges in the years ahead. Naturally in such a climate customers have greater concerns in regard to prices, particular those associated with raw materials, so it is essential that ASM Foods is on hand to work closely with these customers to understand their issues and reach a solution that benefits both parties.”

Looking ahead the company has a clear strategy that will not only increase its business levels, but also ensure ASM Foods is around for many more decades to come: “The company’s plan is to achieve a continued pattern of slow, steady growth,” Roger says. “For 2011 to date, year-on-year figures suggest a rise in business of around seven per cent compared to 2010, and the target for 2012 at present is to achieve five per cent growth on this financial year. One of the ways this will be achieved will be to continue to work with existing clients, while also looking towards other potential markets, especially those near Europe.

“Developing new products and entering new countries are things that are crucial to helping the company grow, but the most important focus will always on the customers themselves. Establishing long term and mutually beneficial relationships has always been a core feature of the ASM Foods and long will it remain so.”