Campaign launch

The initiative, which has been dubbed ‘Share Your Success’, encourages people who have achieved a degree of seniority in the industry to approach their local schools or colleges and offer to help educate students about the benefits of a career in the sector.

Amidst an on-going staffing crisis, HOSPA fears that, despite it being one of the largest and most successful sectors in the UK, not enough people approach hospitality with a view to staying in it long-term. Commenting on the sentiment behind the campaign, Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, said: “All too often hospitality is regarded as a stop gap – a short-term solution… However we are and should be the long-term option for those who are already working in the sector and for those who are considering it.”

Jane continued: “Very few industries offer the same level of progression as hospitality. It’s not hyperbole to say that you can climb from the very bottom rung of the career ladder to the very top, learning an immense array of transferable skills as you go. There are countless examples of people who have done just that – and we want them to come forward and show others the possibilities on offer.”