Culinary cleverness

MPW restaurants, recognized for their premium animal-based meat dishes, now offer diners a sustainable alternative that enables chefs to continue creating authentic and traditional dishes. What’s more is that both chefs and diners can continue enjoying a quality that’s on par with traditional fine dining meat dishes.

Diners will now be served the exciting and ground-breaking dishes with the Spring Set Menu including a Redefine Ragu alla Bolognese and a Redefine Mr. Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie. At the flagship restaurant, Mr White’s in Leicester Square, diners can enjoy a Redefine Steak with Garlic Butter or Vintage Balsamico. Mr White’s dishes also include the Redefine Burger, Redefine Macaroni Cheese, and a Redefine Salsiccia pizza.

Marco Pierre White commented: “I was a vegan for nine months myself,” and when asked why it was such a short period, he answered, “I didn’t feel satisfied. We didn’t have New-Meat in those days. I was always hungry…I eat this [New-Meat], once or twice a week. It’s really clever.”

Earlier this year, Redefine Meat brought what was previously considered technologically impossible to market – the commercial-scale of plant-based whole muscle cuts. Using a range of breakthrough technologies, ranging from material science to additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence, all Redefine Meat products are made from non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, contain no cholesterol, and do not use any animal or animal by-products. Ideal for cooking and roasting, Redefine Flank achieves a level of quality endorsed by leading chefs.