Cutting-edge technology and talented team players ensure the ongoing success of Stampede Culinary Partners  

For over 30 years, Stampede Culinary Partners (Stampede) has used its forward-thinking perspective on food manufacturing to redefine the sous vide, smoked, shredded, deli meats, and food products categories. Using decades of industry know-how, the company continually advances its product and services catalog, finding new and innovative ways to set itself apart from the competition.  

“We are excited by the possibilities of bringing culinary partnerships to the forefront of our projects,” opens Brock Furlong, CEO and President. “Our focus on thinking through different ways to bring solutions into food service at each step of the supply chain is already showing up in other beneficial ways, such as the potential for alleviating some of the skilled labor shortage challenges seen in kitchens all throughout the US.” 

Prioritizing and encouraging growth from within, Stampede is recognized for its outstanding working culture. Each of the company’s projects are assigned a team of skilled professionals to manage it from start to finish. With a wealth of knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art food processing equipment, Stampede can produce high-quality food much faster than the industry standard.  

To maintain a competitive edge, Stampede invests heavily in its dedicated research and development department. Ensuring that quality and efficiency are always on the rise is the sole ambition of this exceptional team of innovators. Staying one step ahead of market trends means Stampede can capture the culinary zeitgeist with ease. Customers can enjoy final products with complex palettes that align with and capitalize on industry demands, all while maintaining that signature Stampede flavor profile.  

Many projects focus on growing commercial sous vide as a solution. Stampede has not only expanded its sous vide cooking capacity with more physical equipment in both the Canada and New Mexico locations, but it has also recently released a research study, ‘State of Sous Vide’. It’s the largest study of its kind with over 1000 industry leaders from the food service, hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors discussing why they are making the switch to sous vide. 

“In short, the study shows that commercial sous vide is already transforming our cooking in a way that is immensely beneficial in terms of quality, consistency, and production at scale,” Brock says. “It also meaningfully impacts our food service and retail workforce. The report says a lot more, and I would encourage everyone to get the full report and read about it in further detail.” 

Robust raw material-sourcing programs ensure that Stampede has access to the right ingredients for unique culinary concepts. The company’s sourcing program allows it to bulk purchase desirable inventory at competitive prices and ensures the production teams can meet aggressive deadlines on an extensive, varied and often bespoke range of products. 

As well as producing products for its client base, Stampede can assist in packaging, promotion, and positioning within the market. Going the extra mile, the company offers marketing support on each project it develops. The business is known for its ability to connect clients with sales opportunities, support their brand growth, and strategize on future potential products. As the company website asserts, ‘our strategy is your strategy.’ 

Creative cooking techniques 

The success of Stampede starts with teamwork, the right tools, and a strong brand identity, but nothing is more important than the meat itself. The company’s talented team of butchers and culinary artists use a variety of innovative enhancements to bring out the best flavors and textures possible. From sous vide cooking and par-fry searing to natural smoking and deli slicing, Stampede matches meats with a variety of flavor and texture profiles through creative and unconventional cooking techniques.  

Such innovation enables Stampede to provide high-quality cuts at affordable prices. As an all-purpose protein supplier, the company also offers vegan and vegetarian options, cooked and prepared using the same state-of-the-art technology. The exceptional variety on offer means that the company can build long-lasting partnerships with its customers, all of which are rooted in trust, both in the product and the brand itself.  

The electrification of its facilities in North America represents a significant step forward in the long-term future through reduced energy consumption and maintenance expenses. Electrically powered machinery tends to be more precise, reliable and easier to control, which has resulted in higher-quality products and streamlined production processes for the teams.  

“By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we can also decrease our carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable model of production. This underscores our dedication to responsible business practices and operational excellence,” Brock suggests. 

The incorporation of technology and automation supports Stampede’s high standards in food quality and safety. “Technology boosts our precision and efficiency, as it allows precise control from ingredient measurement to packaging, as well as streamlining repetitive tasks and minimizing errors,” Brock explains. “It also facilitates data-driven decision making, as we can analyze data to anticipate demand fluctuations and make informed decisions. 

“One of our greatest strengths is our robust commitment to food safety,” he continues. “Technology allows us to better track the journey of ingredients and finished products, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and the ability to swiftly address any issues related to food safety or quality. Technology also helps our innovation and product development capabilities, as we can rapidly prototype new products, conduct sensory analyses, and integrate consumer feedback. From trying novel ingredients to sustainable packaging solutions, this gives us the ability to continue improving and diversifying our product offerings.” 

Expansion plans 

Stampede is also dedicated to building trust within its local communities. In recent years, Stampede Cares, the company’s philanthropic branch, has partnered with Vitalant, The Salvation Army, Pillars Community Health, No Kid Hungry, The Grocery Foundation, Waycross YMCA, Southern New Mexico Project, and other organizations to ensure it’s giving back as much as possible.  

Turning to the future, Stampede has recently kicked off an educational drive to help potential partners within the industry understand its innovative cooking methods. This will help the company reach more major players within the industry, particularly as it expands across North America. Further afield, Stampede has plans for global expansion, with strategies well underway for establishing cooking capacity in Canada and beyond. 

“We serve many people across North America, and as you can imagine, geographical distance plays a huge role in food safety and quality,” Brock concludes. “Our expansion into Canada enables us to better support our customers of today and tomorrow by extending our services in a more accessible way to ensure that quality food services are readily available to their businesses as they grow.”