Desamex S.A.

Sometimes, the look of a product can be just as important as the product itself. Standing out to customers browsing store shelves requires more than just having a recognizable name – there’s a reason Coca-Cola returned to its distinctively shaped bottle years ago. In Mexico, tequila and other beverage makers haven’t had the same resources when it comes to designing bottles that make them stand out – until now. And Desamex S.A. is a big part of the reason why.

General Manager Rodrigo Vargas says the company was born out of a need in the tequila market, and today it has become a leading producer of custom-decorated and designed bottles for the food and beverage industry. Vargas says the company was founded 15 years ago when a tequila maker wanted to design a distinctive bottle for its products. At the time, Mexican bottlers decorated bottles with simple labels, a primitive technique compared to technology available elsewhere.

Desamex is now its own company, and Vargas says the company has become highly successful because of its ability to fill a need in the market. “There was a need for bottles that would stand out on the shelf and had a more premium look,” he says.

Innovation and Technology
Desamex’s customers include many of the top beverage manufacturers in Mexico, primarily tequila makers. Vargas says customers seek out Desamex because of its reputation for creating eye-popping looks that stand apart from most other brands.

“What I see in the market is that every year, there are hundreds of new products coming out to the market,” Vargas says. “Even if you have a great product, if people don’t notice it, they won’t know you exist.”

Although many large-scale manufacturers have their own decoration facilities that feature high-tech automation, Desamex’s customers appreciate the fact that the company combines technology with the human touch. This combination of human ingenuity and high-tech capabilities makes it possible for Desamex to take on some of the most challenging projects in the industry, and Vargas says this is the way the company likes it.

“We look for challenges,” he says. “Whatever other companies think is too difficult for them, we want to take those risks. We are also working in innovation, we want to offer our customers the first shot to new techniques that are available for their products”

Desamex works closely with customers to determine precisely the right design for their bottles and the best way to achieve them. Although Vargas says the company works hard to make whatever their customers ask for come to life, it also is not afraid to take the reins itself and develop something on its own. With the company’s experience and expertise, Vargas says customers have peace of mind letting Desamex take control of their project.

“We take on each project like it’s our own brand,” Vargas says.

Handling Growth
Desamex’s largest problem is a good one to have, but it’s a problem all the same, according to Vargas. “One of our biggest challenges right now is the volume of decorated bottles is increasing,” he says.

Although demand increasing is a good thing, Vargas says the challenge for the company is taking on new customers while still maintaining the same high level of service for its existing ones. However, Vargas says the company is meticulous in the way it manages its growth, and he says this will be the key for it to come out on top in the marketplace in the near future.

Full-service Provider
As the bottling industry in Mexico continues to move away from simple paper labels to more complicated and appealing printed designs, Desamex continues to evolve with the marketplace, Vargas says. The company’s goal is to become more of a full-package service provider.

In finding new ways to serve its customers, Vargas says, Desamex should continue to be one of the biggest names in the industry. “People want to be proud of the bottle they are pouring out for their friends and family,” Vargas says