Discover how BonCulina leads the charge in foodservice through ingenious packaging 

In the bustling world of foodservice, BonCulina has emerged as a key innovator, redefining culinary experiences for global businesses. BonCulina specializes in the manufacturing and supply of frozen and chilled multi-portion and plated meals for healthcare facilities and care homes, as well as sectors such as business, industry and defense in the UK. Through its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction, the company has established a strong reputation. Sanjay Nayar, Head of Supply Chain, uncovers BonCulina’s most significant milestones. 

“Since its BobCulina delivery trucksinception in 2016, BonCulina has been focused on foodservices with the aim to grow organically into a reputable food company across various channels, and always provide high-quality food. In May 2023, BonCulina acquired Anglia Crown – an established British food supplier – effectively integrating its manufacturing facility into the business. Though originally from Sweden, the company has branched out to multiple countries worldwide, with the UK serving as one of its manufacturing hubs. Currently, we serve many different sectors, our most prominent being healthcare where we supply over 150 NHS sites with frozen and chilled products. Additionally, we supply facility management (FM) companies, in-flight meals, vending machines, and we are also looking at supplying some restaurant chains,” he begins. 

Ambitious innovators 

As a fairly new company in the highly competitive foodservice industry, BonCulina has found its own unique selling proposition for attracting customers. “As a dual chilled and frozen manufacturer, while most are one or the other, certainly makes us stand out in the market. Another aspect that distinguishes us is our distinct trade proposition. Unlike typical supermarket meals that need to be pierced and microwaved in their packaging, our patented packing technology allows the food tray to be opened from the bottom. This means that customers can transfer their meal directly onto a plate without flipping it over, maintaining its presentation. Entirely exclusive to BonCulina, this innovation truly sets us apart in the industry. As ambitious innovators, our focus is on delivering unique offerings rather than replicating what our competitors are already doing. BonCulina seeks to provide diverse solutions across various channels, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” Sanjay explains. 

In addition to being convenient, BonCulina’s packaging is eco-friendly, reflecting the company’s passionate views on sustainability. “As we supply to the NHS, sustainability is a crucial topic that we actively discuss with them. Whether it’s in retail or healthcare, sustainability is a prevalent buzzword, and rightfully so. BonCulina deeply values sustainability, making it a key consideration in all our investments. For instance, we are looking to incorporate solar panels and prioritize local sourcing as much as possible. Solar power may not cover the entirety of our energy needs, but it is a step in the right direction. Given the high electricity consumption in our production facility, achieving complete coverage through solar power may be challenging, but we’re exploring the options.  

“Recently, we made a significant investment of £2.2 million in 13 new vehicles, all compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards. Moreover, to fulfil our commitment to a cleaner planet, we currently pay a premium on a green electricity contract. Albeit expensive, BonCulina sees the contract as a critical investment to demonstrate its environmental responsibility to customers. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with both customer demands and our own ambitious goals towards reducing emissions at BonCulina,” he enlightens. 

BonCulina staff outside the office Delving deeper into BonCulina’s investment in new fleet, Sanjay reveals that the new vehicles have been acquired through a deal with ProHire. “After I started in the post last year, I noticed that our fleet was prone to breakdowns and other issues. Immediately, I thought that we needed to take action to keep our promises to customers and improve their experience with BonCulina. One significant way to do so was to enhance our transport vehicles. Hence, we purchased the 13 new vehicles I mentioned earlier, which are scheduled to arrive in autumn 2024. In the meantime, we have pre-contract vehicles that are already an improvement over our previous fleet. However, the arrival of the new vehicles will truly be a game-changer for the company,” he states. 

Extensive product portfolio 

Striving to offer delightful meal options for its diverse customer base, BonCulina regularly develops new products aiming to serve individuals with a range of dietary requirements. Sanjay explores how these requirements have changed the company’s product development processes. “We are expanding our offerings to accommodate various special preferences and requirements, including vegan and vegetarian options. This extends to our own restaurant chain, where we are considering the implementation of specialized menus for these customers. Whether frozen or chilled, we are trying to create these food options for each individual channel we operate through. Similarly, we are catering to specific dietary needs such as halal and kosher, recognizing the significant demand in these sectors. Our aim is to align with current customer needs and market demands by providing a diverse range of food options,” he elaborates. 

Sanjay aspires to propel BonCulina towards greater innovation, ensuring the company remains on its trajectory of consistent growth in the future. “Essentially, our ambition is to become a one-stop shop. Indeed, our uniqueness lies in our ability to cater to a wide range of customer requirements. While we understand we can’t possibly fulfill every requirement, we strive to cover most of them so that customers immediately think of BonCulina for their foodservice needs. In addition, in the next three-to-five years, product innovation and sustainability will remain our core priorities. We also plan to expand both internationally and within the UK to reach new channels, all while working towards new product development,” he ends. 

Through unrelenting innovation and keeping its customers’ best interests in mind, BonCulina is primed to achieve even greater success as it expands internationally.