Egg-cellent causes

Consider Pastures’ participation includes a pledge to donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organizations focused on environmental causes.

“At Consider Pastures we are pioneering a back-to-basics approach to egg farming – one that places equal emphasis on environmental stewardship, holistic farming practices, and commitment to humane animal treatment,” says Paul Turbeville, Head of Marketing. “In addition to being the first egg producer to attain B Corporation status in 2013, we are excited to deepen our commitment to better, more sustainable practices through our support of 1% for the Planet, which perfectly aligns with our brand’s mission to help heal a food system and planet in distress.”

In contrast to the industrial agricultural farms that currently dominate egg production practices, each Consider Pastures farm operates in a way that improves biodiversity and soil health. Specific measures include:
• Zero use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers • No deep tilling or fallow rotation to help protect the soil from erosion and nutrient loss
• Increasing the organic matter and carbon sequestering ability of the soil through strategic use of cover crops • Multi-species livestock integration
• Planting/encouraging of wildflowers such as clover and milkweed to assist in pollinator health • Installation of bat houses as natural pest control