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On a roll

FSB Europe is today one of the industry’s leading suppliers of premium-bakery products across Scandinavia

Fresh Start Bakeries (FSB) is a premier supplier of hamburger buns, hot dog buns, rolls, English muffins, and other bakery products to the QSR and retail foodservice industries.

Fresh Start Bakeries’ history begins in the early 1960s when Harold Freund constructed the first major bakery to serve McDonald’s in Southern California. In 1969, a second bakery was built in San Jose to supply Northern California. Then in 1971 a new plant was built in City of Industry, California. At the time, the City of Industry bakery was the largest capacity hamburger bun baking facility in the world. By 1974 the Hawaii bakery was added to the family.
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In 1982 Craig Olson took the helm of the newly formed Fresh Start Bakeries Inc, which consisted of the City of Industry, San Jose and Hawaii bakeries. Then in 1984 the company built a single-purpose hamburger bun bakery in Kansas City, Kansas. Next, a plant in Stockton was constructed in 1987 to replace the San Jose facility.

FSB Europe began as the first international endeavour of the US-based operation. Back in 1985, McDonald’s and Fresh Start Bakeries made plans to build a bakery in Northern Germany. By 1988, Fresh Start Bakeries opened its first international bakery in Duisburg, called FSB Backwaren GmbH. With its opening, FSB Backwaren GmbH set the technology, quality and price standard for all of its products in Europe.

From that point on, FSB Europe grew. In 1994, a bakery in Warsaw, Poland was acquired. Another bakery facility was acquired in Stockholm, Sweden the following year. Two years later, a bakery was built in Madrid, Spain to service McDonald’s and 1998 marked the building of its Malmo bakery in Sweden, and a second bakery was opened in Barcelona in 2002. Since its first venture into Europe, FSB Europe has established a presence across the continent.

Like the other members of the Fresh Start Bakeries family, FSB Europe continues to look for ways to serve its customers. For example, in 2008, FSB Stockholm added a Mecatherm line to make ciabatta and other breads. Additionally, FSB Barcelona purchased equipment that featured new divider technology for the production of hard roll type products. Now with six bakery locations in four different countries within Europe, FSB Europe supplies the European QSR, foodservice and retail industries with the finest core and specialty bakery items available.

FSB Issue 4 2010 cAs illustrated above, the company is continually looking for new products that will meet the need for a customer – this means not only using the existing line more effectively, but also expanding the product lines, for example into hotdog buns. FSB is also continually investing in other technology, so for example, it is currently looking at new freezer technology which will allow it to supply frozen products to the retailer, which will defrost during transportation and arrive as fresh.

The growth, reputation and success of FSB did not occur by accident. The company is quick to acknowledge that these are the results of the dedication and hard work of its people. Indeed, respecting and valuing its employees is a key criterion for FSB, and makes up one of the company’s core values. These also include diversity and ethics, which means that FSB continually strives to appreciate the cultural differences that it encounters around the world, and is accepting and tolerant of differences that are not in conflict with its values. This approach means that FSB also demands honesty and fair business practices from its business partners – customers, suppliers and industry peers. The company is very proud of its reputation and will defend and protect it. As 47a result it seeks out partners who share its values, and respects them as entrepreneurs who operate their businesses within agreed boundaries.

As a global supplier of bakery products, Fresh Start Bakeries envisions a sustainable business model that will improve and enhance social accountability, environmental and economic outcomes in all areas of the world in which it does business. This means the company is committed to a long-term perspective in reducing its affect on natural resources by minimising lifecycle impacts on its environment.

Recognised for its commitment to consistent product quality, superior flavour and appearance, and innovative solutions, the Fresh Start Bakeries family of companies have served their loyal customers for over 40 years. Today Fresh Start Bakeries operates more than 30 bakeries on four continents and in nine countries worldwide. It has enjoyed a long and successful history of growth all the while staying true to its mission – to be a premier international supplier of bakery and other food products to the foodservice and retail industries.

By combining technology and personal commitment to produce consistent high quality products, FSB looks set to continue to manufacture breads that meet or exceed its customers’ expectations for many years to come.