G Kwetters

Unbroken success

Boasting half a century of experience in supplying fresh eggs to the international market, G Kwetters is perfectly placed to meet the evermore demanding needs of consumers

G Kwetters supplies supermarkets across Europe,and increasingly countries further a field, with fresh, free-range eggs, working with farmers to provide 25 million each week to various countries. Having amassed 50 years of experience and knowledge in supplying fresh eggs, the company can guarantee high quality results and uses modern techniques such as computer controlled crack detectors and machines to ensure consumers enjoy the final result. In an age of recurring health scares and product recalls, Kwetters’ quality control is unsurpassed – the company is not only IKB approved but meets all HACCP, BRC and IFS quality programmes and operates its own quality department as well, equipped with advanced monitoring systems.
G Kwetters Issue 3 2008 b
The days of ‘an egg is an egg’ are past, as are the shops selling only standard eggs. Owing to a general growing interest in the environment and animal welfare, a number of egg variants have arisen. Twenty-four years ago Kwetters introduced the first branded egg, which became very successful, the Fourgrain egg, and followed up its enormous success by introducing various other eggs. The exclusive Big Egg egg and double yolkers are further good examples of added value that Kwetters supplies and the company provides eggs from all kinds of farming systems, in many different packs, both brand and private label. Also producing under the high standards from the RSPCA, the Freedom Food Free Range eggs programme and other organic production schemes like the well-known BIO+ label in the Netherlands and Germany.

Since it formed, Kwetters has evolved from a small family firm trading in eggs for the Dutch and German markets to become an important supplier of eggs to destinations around the world. Various acquisitions have led to an enormous growth in turnover and Kwetters now supplies 1.3 billion eggs annually. The business is continually working on developing new products and concepts, Kwetters labelled or private label for retailers, based on regularly held consumer surveys.

Kwetters operates its own transport system although it also works with internationally renowned hauliers to provide deliveries on a just-in-time basis. It can offer long-term contracts or ad hoc deliveries to anywhere in the world, tailoring its service to suit a client’s individual needs. The one common feature is the speedy service that the organisation can guarantee and its cast-iron continuity due to its various production locations in the Netherlands.G Kwetters Issue 3 2008 c

Millions of consumers enjoy Kwetters’ environmentally friendly, and animal friendly produced free-range eggs – and with good reason. A continuously controlled production process guarantees reliability and freshness, whilst the company never fails to comply with everincreasing health demands imposed by both consumers and governing bodies. Kwetters controls every link in the production chain from balancing the composition of the chicken feed and the hens’ breeding to the management of specially selected producers. It practices accurate quality control, egg by egg, and operates modern, fully automated packaging Moba lines that perform extremely efficiently. Kwetters takes great care of its eggs, literally escorting them from hen to household, which compounds its position as market leader and an expert authority on egg supply.

Besides offering its customers’ a fair market price, Kwetters’ has the edge over its competitors as it offers a telephone help desk to provide quick answers to problems such as a decline in egg quality, which then helps producers to take action in optimising their hens’ production. There are many factors that can affect egg quality such as the breed of the bird, the composition of its feed, the various systems of poultry rearing and even the expertise of the producer. Owing to these various aspects, the concept of quality is complex and, as an independent business, Kwetters is able to provide poultry keepers with unbiased help and advice. This openness, which is one of Kwetters’ key strengths, allows for close co-operation in the egg-producing field and leads to the successful marketing of strong brands. Kwetters’ Fourgrain egg is the perfect example of this, with it being a branded egg from which the poultry keepers also directly profit.

Kwetters was also the first to make the source-egg code transparent and to put it on the website so even consumers are able to trace where the egg comes from. This includes a Google Earth presentation of the farm.

The company believes that the key to good promotion and sales is knowing what’s going on in the market, and so it conducts continuous research into consumers’ needs to help reveal a reliable view of future trends. Kwetters pools the resources of the supplier and retail trade to look into what consumers want, which together with ensuring complete control of even the smallest detail in its supply chain, ensures consumers are completely satisfied with the end result on their plate.