Ganeden’s probiotic research and product development efforts have helped to spur the growth of probiotics in food, beverages and companion animal products.

Founded in 1997, Ganeden is a leader in probiotic research and product development. Ganeden now has a wide stable of peer-reviewed published studies, and more than 120 patents for probiotic technologies in the food, beverage, animal health, sports nutrition and personal care ingredients markets. The company has been approved to ship its probiotic ingredients to more than 58 countries, and its patented GanedenBC30 probiotic ingredient is found in more than 500 leading food and beverage products globally, reaching more than $1 billion in retail sales around the world.

“Health benefits have become a huge buying factor for consumers,” says Mike Bush, president of Ganeden and executive board president for the International Probiotics Association says. “Global sales of healthy food and beverage products are estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. Consumers want health benefits in their products, and there is an interest in foods and beverages with probiotics.”

Proving Ground
Today, there are many new options for consuming probiotics on a daily basis. Adding probiotics to everyday foods and beverages allows consumers to receive digestive, immune and protein utilization benefits without having to change their diets or lifestyle or experience pill fatigue. Manufacturers, media and consumers have all become more educated on the benefits of probiotics, and as a result, the demand continues to rise.

GanedenBC30 is one of the only probiotics that can be used in products outside of the refrigerated dairy category, as most probiotic strains cannot withstand the manufacturing processes involved in creating those products. It has a unique structure that safeguards the cell’s genetic material from the heat and pressure of the manufacturing process. It can be readily incorporated into products, overcome shelf-life challenges and withstanding the acid and bile that it is exposed to during digestion.

“The benefits of probiotics are strain specific, which means formulators need to look at the clinical studies supporting the exact probiotic strain used to determine what benefits to claim, and ensure inclusion rates through the end of shelf life to support these amounts,” Bush says. “Ganeden has 24 peer-reviewed, published studies on its patented probiotic ingredient highlighting the strain’s safety and efficacy.”

Because Ganeden is focused on quality, science and research – coupled along with GanedenBC30’s ability to be added to almost any product – the company has been able to stake a leadership position in the growth of the probiotic market. The company works closely with its partners to make sure their probiotic products are formulated correctly with its strain, and all product launches go through extensive laboratory testing to confirm survivability and efficacy.

“With the number of probiotic product launches using GanedenBC30 having exceeded 500, Ganeden has a large presence in the probiotic market and has been positioned as a leader,” Bush says. “We have worked hard to solidify Ganeden as the leader in probiotic ingredients and technology by providing a high-quality and science-backed strain for our customers to formulate with. We’ve done that through media outreach, in-person meetings at tradeshows and constantly doing research around our probiotic strain. Our goal is to continue to be the go-to company for probiotic ingredients, as well as be a leading expert resource for probiotic information.”

Supporting Development
With the demand for probiotics in foods and beverages continuing to grow, Ganeden’s business as the leading probiotic ingredient manufacturer has flourished. The company is on pace to have its best year ever in 2016, and it has already reached a 100 percent increase for Ganeden’s 2016 first-half sales numbers compared to the first half of 2015. As the company moves forward, it will continue to place emphasis on research and look for probiotic benefits to study.

Additionally, the company believes in giving back to the industry and helping entrepreneurs and startups enter the probiotic space, which Ganeden says is expected to reach $36.7 billion over the next five years. As an example, Ganeden launched its industry-first Probiotic Innovation Jumpstart program earlier this year. The company invited scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors with a brand-new probiotic food or beverage product concept to submit their idea to Ganeden, encouraging submissions for novel products that would resonate with consumers and fill a specific need in the marketplace.

Selected as finalists were AVOKE Spoonables, Red Lotus Foods and simplyFUEL. Each submission was worthy of consideration. AVOKE Spoonables would be the first avocado, probiotic smoothie and serve as a tasty and healthy alternative to yogurt or plant-based beverages. Red Lotus Foods offers a creamy spread made from cultured cashews with roasted garlic and herbs, and simplyFUEL submitted its non-GMO, protein energy balls commonly used by professional athletes. AVOKE was chosen as the winner, and Ganeden will provide the startup with $25,000 along with guidance, assistance and expertise that will help the company to launch its snack concept for its vegan, avocado-based probiotic smoothie bowl.

“Our goal for Probiotic Innovation Jumpstart was to encourage startups with unique ideas for novelty foods and beverages to join the probiotic space,” CEO Andy Lefkowitz says. “We plan to put our full support behind this impressive company and launch.”

Having staked out a place at the front of a growing industry, Ganeden has every reason to be optimistic about the future. The company knows there will be challenges to overcome, but it is well positioned to continue its own growth while helping the entire industry to become an ever-growing part of mainstream consumer diets.

“The biggest challenge will be keeping up with the rapid growth of the probiotic industry and busting misconceptions, myths and improper information regarding the probiotic topic,” Bush says. “Our biggest priority is to continue providing high-quality, probiotic ingredients with continued research, while also educating the public on probiotics.”