Glacio Group

Flavours for all

Innovation and creativity are central to Glacio Group’s aims, and help it in creating new and interesting ice cream desserts for its global customer base

Glacio Group was last featured in FoodChain Magazine in July 2015, and since that time the company has continued to retain quality, flexibility, and curiosity at the heart of what it does and implement these into every ice cream product that it creates. This has resulted in the continued development of new flavours, styles, and recipes for its products, all of which bring something unique to the market. There have been a number of investments made by the company, and one of particular highlight is the new production line that it has introduced produces a new range of ice cream desserts. These will take the form of layered ice cream with chocolate added within each layer, creating an elegant ice cream cake. This investment in a new production line once again demonstrates the dynamic trend that runs throughout the company, within every product, and there is a commitment to always creating something new and engaging to satisfy its customers.

In addition to this new release, there are more products that Glacio has diligently created under the IJSBOERKE-brand. The first of these is the new cone, created in collaboration with the Belgian company ‘CHOCOLATERIE JACQUES’, that includes Belgian chocolate sprinkles – an incredibly popular addition by many across Europe. It will take something that is enjoyed by its consumers and incorporate it into the cone itself, which is something that seems such a simple way to add to the consumers’ experience, and yet is one that is new to the market. This project was successfully launched at the beginning of 2016 for the Belgian retail and outof- home market, and Glacio aims for it to spread into even wider markets in the following year.

The on-going collaboration with the world famous Belgian Chocolate Praline-brand ‘LEONIDAS’ has resulted in the launch of the new Manon Glacée Icecream Pralines, made by IJSBOERKE, which have proven to be a great commercial success.

Perfect indulgence
Furthermore, Glacio has also unveiled three new flavours in scooping for the out of home market, one of which is its Belgian Praliné. The second is its Walnut Caramel ice cream that like the Belgian Praliné contains real nut pieces. Both of these products will no doubt prove a popular choice over the Christmas period, as they are the perfect indulgence for the time of the year. The Blackcurrant Cassis Sorbet is the third, and contains vitamin C, which will help to make it a favourite for many during the winter months. Therefore, with Christmas fast approaching Glacio once again displayed its flexible nature, and has organized a range of well thought-out ice cream based treats for the festive season.

The Christmas range is not the only way in which Glacio shows its expertise in producing an ice cream selection that is varied and tailored to the range of tastes of its customers. Another that demonstrates this is its development of low calorie ice cream options, and this was something that Eric De Man, Sales Manager Retail Benelux & UK, highlighted: “This is an innovation that is currently being developed at full speed and is one to watch for in 2017, we are creating new recipes that involve lower calorie products, which even diabetic people will be able to eat.”

Love for ice cream
One of the overwhelming points that comes across from Glacio and the desserts it produces is the care and passion it has for what it makes and for who it makes it for. It wants to come up with new and interesting flavours that will help its customers find a new aspect to ice cream that they will love. Glacio’s diligence extends beyond just the range of options that it produces, but also the quality of ingredients and the sustainability of the process, taking care from start to finish, which was elaborated upon by Eric: “All Glacio scooping ice recipes are all natural, all ingredients are certified to be from natural sources, nothing synthetic, nothing artificial, and we believe this is a very important element in our products.” Eric continued: “We also have the desire to limit our ecological footprint, and most of our raw materials and packaging we buy from suppliers, that are in the vicinity of the factory, which helps to reduce air miles.”

The Glacio Group is constantly working on something new, and is often working on several innovations at once. It still provides its customers with all the original ice creams that they might be accustomed to, however it is also creating the next generation of ice cream desserts, whether this be in the form of new flavours, new styles, or new low calorie options. Glacio brings creativity and a customer focused approach to ice cream production, and is taking its ice cream products to an even greater audience year-on-year within a growing number of regions, the expansion of the customer-base in China being the most recent project.