Good things come in threes

The high in fiber, fruit and nut based Triple Treat will be available in four variants – Snickers, Mars, Galaxy, and Bounty, and launches against the backdrop of imminent government legislation that will significantly change the shopping experience for Brits doing their weekly groceries. However, because Triple Treat is jam-packed with over 75 percent fruit and nuts, Mars Wrigley’s new snack will be exempt from these new regulations.

Britons with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed because Triple Treat bars include a hearty dose of Mars Wrigley’s iconic chocolate blend, with each bar dipped and drizzled with smooth milk chocolate. In fact, Mars’ chocolate team spent thousands of hours working on every minute detail of the bars – from the chewy caramel in the malt-infused Mars Triple Treat, to the crunchy roasted nuts on the Snickers variant, every aspect has been carefully developed with great taste at front of mind.

With a recommended retail price of just 80 pence for a single bar, Brits can pick up a Triple Treat in Tesco stores nationwide.

Kerry Cavanaugh, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley UK commented: “Triple Treat does exactly what is says on the tin – it’s packed with a knockout trio of fruit, nuts and our iconic chocolate, and is delightfully delicious to boot. At Mars Wrigley, we’re thrilled that Brits can now enjoy a great tasting – and HFSS compliant – Galaxy, Mars, Snickers and Bounty treat. It’s tasty reinvented!”