Immerse yourself in Uncle Giuseppe’s meticulously crafted culinary concept and nod to Old-World charm 

Renowned for providing the ultimate gourmet shopping experience, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace Ltd (Uncle Giuseppe’s) is a supermarket unlike any other. Throughout the day, its customers can choose from a vast selection of freshly made artisan products, ranging from dozens of homemade pastas and sauces to hand-rolled sushi. Moreover, the company prides itself on its vast fresh seafood and top-quality meat offerings along with a complete line of the finest Italian imported specialty items. Uncle Giuseppe’s also serves as a full-service supermarket and caterer, offering gift cards and custom-made gift baskets tailored to a range of preferences. Carl DelPrete, CEO, shares more details about the business. 

“Born out of a vision to create a shopping experience reminiscent of Old-World charm, Uncle Giuseppe’s was established in 2001. Our idea was to recreate the ambiance of a traditional market, where customers could find artisan butchers, knowledgeable cheese mongers, and a variety of fresh produce all under one roof. But most importantly, our priority is to uphold the service and quality rightfully associated with these markets. While our inaugural store covered an area of 7800 square feet, we have expanded over the years, with our newest locations spanning between 40,000 and 50,000 square feet. In fact, our most recent stores surpass the 50,000 square feet mark. It is worth noting that Uncle Giuseppe’s was originally founded as an experiment to gauge whether our concept was viable since we thought there was a gap in the market and wanted to prove this to be the case. Fortunately, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and fostered continued growth,” he enlightens. 

Artisan experience 

The secret to the success of Uncle Giuseppe’s unique concept lies not only in the familiar ambiance it cultivates but also in the delightful products it offers. “As a full-service supermarket we serve a comprehensive range of 26,000 items in our stores. Although we provide products commonly found in regular supermarkets, we stand out through our dedicated perishable departments, each creating its own specialties. For example, our bakers prepare a fresh batch of cakes, pastries, and cookies every day within their store’s production facility. Additionally, our kitchens operate with a minimum of two shifts comprising 20-to-25 talented chefs, diligently cooking and preparing food throughout the day. Uncle Giuseppe’s takes pride in its diverse product variety, including prepared meals and dinners, and over 80 different types of fresh foods offered within each store. Finally, our perishable seafood department truly separates us from the competition,” begins Carl.  

Dianna DeAngelis, Marketing Manager, adds: “Some of our departments offer experiences unseen anywhere else, such as our daily, in-house production of fresh mozzarella and pasta. We make mozzarella from scratch twice a day using special machines, resulting in warm and delicious cheese. While our pasta is crafted with the assistance of a machine, customers have the amazing opportunity to witness the pasta-making process through dedicated windows. I believe that being able to watch our artisans create their food is part of what makes the Uncle Giuseppe’s experience so appealing to clients.” 

On the topic, Carl explains the factors contributing to Uncle Giuseppe’s extraordinary in-store experience. “On stepping into our store, customers are first greeted by the produce division, followed by the enticing candy department which boasts flowing chocolate fountains. From there, we direct them through our prepared food section, featuring pizzas straight out of the oven, and continue to the deli, where they can see between 80 and 100 feet of freshly prepared items. At Uncle Giuseppe’s we strive to engage all the senses, which includes playing curated background music, and on weekends, staging live music performances. Indeed, every store features live singers who serenade our clientele, creating an unparalleled auditory experience. Furthermore, we ensure that as they enter, customers can smell our baked goods, thus reminding them that everything is made fresh in-store. Visually stunning, our locations are decorated with columns, murals, painted ceilings, and harmonious tiles. To complement this sensory feast of sight, sound, and smell, we offer product sampling on weekends, emphasizing our focus on taste. Therefore, as customers browse our shop, they can enjoy sipping on a cappuccino from our café, listen to the music, and sample our delicious food. Knowing that this unique sensory experience elevates their shopping experience beyond that of a typical supermarket makes us genuinely happy,” he enthuses. 

The Uncle Giuseppe owners shake hands in front of a back dropProduct innovation 

Beyond providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to consumers, Uncle Giuseppe’s also places a strong focus on product innovation, enabling it to further stand out from the competition. “During our quarterly meetings, joined by the directors of each department, we extensively discuss product innovation. I rely on them to bring forth new ideas, although I sometimes contribute fun concepts myself. As an example of how we foster innovation, we recently spent a week in Parma, Italy, where we attended a food show and visited local supermarkets. This trip inspired us to develop a few exciting ideas that Uncle Giuseppe’s will soon be introducing. One notable product innovation that we recently launched is our rainbow cheesecake, which was invented by one of our talented bakers. Additionally, we conduct sampling sessions for our latest creations, and if they meet our standards, the team proceeds with their development,” informs Carl. 

To ensure its products are up to its stringent standards, Uncle Giuseppe’s relies on carefully selected suppliers. “Dating back to the time we operated our first store and continuing to the present day, our relationships with our vendors are long-standing. When picking a supplier, our emphasis is not on the shopping experience they provide, but rather on forming strong partnerships with vendors who can consistently supply us with the finest ingredients. For instance, our beef supply is sourced exclusively from Sterling Silver Beef, known for its superior quality. This means that we don’t have to engage multiple purveyors since we have already established a partnership with a supplier who meets our requirements for beef. Our priority is not to get the best price; instead, we ensure that our vendors can reliably deliver the finest and most authentic ingredients. Another example of our approach can be seen in our recent trip to Italy where, as part of our innovation process, we decided to switch all our flour to Italian flour, which is not enriched. Subsequently, we searched for the right supplier for this product and once we found it, we established a partnership based on mutual reliability, ensuring that our collaboration will be successful. While we may not always get the lowest price from them, we know we can count on a dependable supply of the highest quality items. It is safe to say that constantly changing suppliers is not our style,” Carl ends. 

By upholding its continuous commitment to food innovation, creating unforgettable customer experiences, and fostering enduring supply partnerships, Uncle Giuseppe’s is poised to continue delighting many more customers with exceptional offerings in the years to come.