Incredible edible insects

The survey initially gauged the willingness of participants to consume insects as an alternative source of protein, before measuring again once they understood how insects offer a highly sustainable, versatile and nutritious alternative to traditional meat, dairy, or plant-based proteins. Initially, 39 percent of Brits were open to the idea, rising to 51 percent once the benefits were understood. Even among vegetarians, vegans and those with religion-based diets were receptive, with 41 percent saying they’d consider eating insect protein once their benefits were understood.

Ÿnsect carried out the survey to coincide with the European Food Standard Agency (EFSA) green lighting another insect product – the Lesser mealworm – for human consumption. “We’re excited to see the EFSA approval come through in line with consumer demands, conscious consumers become increasingly informed of alternative choices that are better for both them and the environment,” commented Antoine Hubert, CEO and co-founder of Ÿnsect.