Innovative flavor is what Tiny Rebel is renowned for, but there’s more to the company than great tasting beer 

The UK is starting to chill, and what better way to spend the frosty evenings than in a fire-warmed pub with a pint of Tiny Rebel’s ‘Christmas without Mariah’ IPA? There’s a beer for every occasion now, and for CEO and Co-Founder of craft brewery Tiny Rebel, Brad Cummings is keen to pair great moments with great beer. “Whether it’s a low-alcohol, or a slightly higher ABV beer, sour, or IPA, the progression of craft beer within the UK has massively accelerated since Covid-19,” he begins. Brad’s personal favorite is the ‘Club Tropica’; a combination of pineapple, mango, peaches and passionfruit, which, impressively, has become a favorite for the UK too, according to the company’s website. “We first created it back in 2014, when putting fruit into a beer wasn’t popular. We’re a bit weird when it comes to that sort of innovation. But it works! It’s stuck with fans and customers love it. It was even the first beer my mum ever enjoyed. So, if I can convert my mum to drinking beer, we can convert anyone to drink great tasting beer.”

In our conversation, Brad outlines the success of the business, what it means to him and his team, as well as some insight into the brewing industry. To kick us off, we ask him for his reflection on the evolution of Tiny Rebel since he started the company in 2012. “Something that really stands out is we’ve seen more of an interest in draught beer. There’s been so much change in the industry regarding products and trends, and I think the new generation coming in wants something different. From my experience, for example, one in three drinkers will try a nonalcoholic beer when they’re out, which is great to see.

Community commitment
“Craft beer, on the other hand, went through an acceleration in early 2015, and the number of breweries that opened meant that the choice was phenomenal. The quality of the brewing industry in the UK subsequently skyrocketed, which was obviously a great thing for beer drinkers. Furthermore, I think that online and ecommerce avenues have strengthened, which has been excellent for independent breweries, especially those that are quite experimental with their flavors. Finally, customers are looking for more of an experience when they try new beers, which comes down to the ambiance, the customer service, and the overall hospitality. So, to answer your question, the evolution hasn’t been just about beer, it’s been about the atmosphere in which the beer is served, and that’s really driving people out to great venues.”

For Brad and ‘Gazz’, Tiny Rebel’s Co-Founders, this focus on service and experience is what Tiny Rebel is all about. “We want to have our customers invested in the brand. So, when it comes to beer names, branding, ideas, we put everything we can into creativity and innovation. Sure, we would have been happy way back when it was just the two of us, but it has been such an incredible journey, and we’re grateful we get to do what we do,” Brad reflects.

Now, with Christmas just around the corner, Brad highlights that this time of the year is the busiest for Tiny Rebel. “Christmas is a big one. Last year, we launched the Tiny Rebel Community Fund, which involves using some of our profits to support any sort of community project or individual initiative from across the whole of the UK. We open applications for that twice a year. On Christmas Day, we make meals for people in need, and our friends and family chip in to cook and deliver 350 meals. Throughout the year, we work with various charities through donations, and sometimes we loan our venue for free for charities to host their events,” he says.

Brewing the best
Furthermore, the company is passionate about the environment and is in the final stages of its BCorp accreditation. “We’re just making sure we’ve got all the boxes ticked. It’s been a long process, but I believe something like this is so important, and to receive the stamp that shows we’re doing our best to make a difference is paramount to our overall ethos.”

Following Christmas, Brad is eager to share Tiny Rebel’s beer with as many people as possible and is looking forward to growing the company brand. “We have always been passionate about what we create, and we want to get Tiny Rebel into as many pubs as we can. And that’s what we’re going to continue to create. Next year, we want to try accelerating our mission more than we have in previous years.”

Taking this one step further, in five years’ time, Brad hopes the company will be a key player in brewing innovation. In closing, he shares that he is determined to improve the company’s operations across its main pillars: people, community, planet. “We never look to be the biggest, but we do look to be the best. We’ll focus on our continuous improvement because the names we’re competing with are top-class breweries, but we’ve got a brilliant team here, and I believe that we’re doing the right thing. I’m excited about the next few years – watch this space!”