Italco Food Products Inc.

Specialty food distributors have a high bar set for them. In the specialty niche, a run-of-the-mill food selection is not going to cut it, because that is not what high-end restaurants or specialty retailers want. Quality has to remain the name of the game, and Italco Food Products Inc. understands that well. The family owned and operated business – which it has remained for more than 20 years – is dedicated to providing customers with only the best products, as its “all in good taste” tagline aims to demonstrate.

“We are committed to being an outstanding specialty food distributor focusing on excellence, quality products and customer service,” the company says. “We take great pride in our ability to offer our customers expertise and superb quality as a result of our past restaurant ownership and business experience.”

Based in Denver, Italco Food Products serves customers throughout Colorado and New Mexico, offering thousands of ingredients and value-added products from its Denver warehouse. The company has more than 4,000 items stocked in its warehouse, including domestic and imported specialty goods from all over the world, as well as a full line of spices, blends and herbs. It also sells and services espresso and coffee equipment. Italco notes all of its products are “scrutinized for authenticity, taste, value and quality.”

Italco offers to-your-door delivery in Colorado and New Mexico. The company also serves customers outside of those areas, but with a common carrier.

Valuable Partnerships
Italco is always searching for new and different products to ensure it offers customers the best goods in the world. The company also values its long-term partners that have provided many years of quality products to the distributor. Italco explains some of its “all-star” partners include:

  • 1883 de Philibert Routin – Describing itself as “the genuine taste of fruits,” this company offers all-natural, pure fruit syrup from its location in the French Alps. The company’s syrups contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, fat or cholesterol, and all are flash pasteurized. It offers more than 40 different flavors.
  • Bonewerks CulinArte – This partner to Italco is dedicated to producing pure and classical stock reductions in the forms of glaces. It says it provides chefs “with the luxury of utilizing pure foundations without the labors, time, energy, space, equipment and inventory of frozen bones necessary to produce their own.”
  • Encore Foods – Encore offers the finest specialty foods from France, Italy, Spain and Greece, and is a marketer of specialty wild and blended rices, as well as heirloom beans from the United States. “Our company mission is to provide specialty food distributors and their retail and foodservice customers with all-natural food products that are minimally processed, artfully branded and packaged beautifully to invite consumer trial,” Encore says.
  • Kendall Farms – This company provides a “superior and sumptuous cultured cream product that transforms sauces and toppings from ordinary to extraordinary.” Kendall Farms explains it offers a signature creme fraiche, which is an ingredient, not a garnish. “Kendall Farms creme fraiche is bechamel, a white sauce – a white sauce without the flour,” the company says. “It is a ready-made white sauce [and] is heat-stable and acid-stable. It is an emulsion-fixing, stable white sauce [with] an amazing shelf life.”
  • Parmacotta – Parmacotta offers “the pure taste of cooked ham from Parma.” Noting that the Parma region of Italy is renowned for its cuisine because of the attention to quality, consumers can enjoy the flavor of Parma in Parmacotta’s roasted loin of pork. “Each piece of pork is first tied by hand and then roasted using a traditional recipe to create a taste that captures the quality of the culinary capital of Italy,” the company says.