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They say ‘we are what we eat’, so knowing our food’s origin and journey to our plates is vitally important for today’s health- and environmentally-conscious consumers. According to a 2021 survey by Food Standards Agency and Ipsos MORI, 87 percent of UK consumers think it is important to eat a healthy diet, while 73 percent think it is important to eat sustainably by buying and consuming food with a low environmental impact.

As shoppers become savvier about the food they buy, many regularly look for information – on packaging, in advertising – about the ingredients used, how they have been manufactured, processed and packaged, and where they have been along the way.

Providing this information to consumers is one of today’s challenges for food and beverage businesses and requires them to have a robust software system in place to capture important information about an ingredient and the production processes it has been through, as well as accurately track, and provide real-time insight into, each stage of its journey from farm to fork.

Transparency where it matters
Aptean’s Food & Beverage ERP is an end-to-end ERP solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform, and designed to meet the specific requirements of food and beverage processors, manufacturers, and distributors. As a global provider, Aptean offers a secure, scalable platform, which businesses can trust to work more efficiently and help them manage processes, including successfully managing traceability requirements and meeting regulatory practices.

As a true, native cloud-based solution, Aptean Food & Beverage ERP is always up-to-date so your business can take advantage of the latest version and newest features available. Being cloud-based, your business can also create a unified digital database to store and access important tracking information quickly and easily, and which is updated in real-time, as and when new information is added to the system.

This not only provides confidence that available data is always accurate, but also frees businesses from the inefficiencies of existing legacy accounting systems and manual production tracking – helping businesses make strategic and operational decisions faster, easier and more accurately.

Providing your business with the capabilities to succeed
The traceability capabilities within Aptean Food & Beverage ERP are only a small part of the wide range of specific food and beverage functionalities – from recipe tracking and allergen management, to lot management and quality control – available, so companies can easily implement the particular services they require.

More than 1000 food and beverage companies worldwide already use Aptean’s solutions to facilitate their day-to-day practices, and unlock their growth plans through digital transformation.

With an integrated ecosystem of business applications – including MES/ OEE, Plant Maintenance, Business Intelligence and EAM – to support every aspect of food production, the Aptean Food and Beverage ERP platform is built to support the current and future needs of growing companies.

A partnership for now, and the future
The extensive local knowledge of Aptean’s experienced team means that they understand your business’ particular challenges based on the market you operate in, and work with you to ensure a successful implementation.

As traceability continues to be an increasingly important topic for consumers, it was also highlighted as a key focus area for the sector in our latest research. With 72 percent of survey respondents – food and beverage businesses from across the world – indicating that it was of medium-high or high importance to their overall strategy, and increased traceability also ranked in the top five industry concerns over the next five years.

At Aptean, we pride ourselves on being a partner for today, tomorrow and many years to come. Ready to discover more about Aptean’s food and beverage solutions? Contact us today.

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