Incredible edibles

Based in the West-Midlands, England, KTC sells goods all over the world

KTC (Edibles) Limited is Britain’s largest independent manufacturer and distributor of oil and fats. The UK’s number one private label supplier to all major retailers, the company was formed in 1971 and incorporated as a private limited company in 1979. The company is now based at the state-of-the-art 200,000 sq ft factory in which it has just spent £1.5 million updating the White & Yellow Fats equipment, for a major push into the healthier cooking area, championed by Jamie Oliver.

With an international reputation and a turnover that exceeds £110 million, KTC’s consistent commercial success has been founded upon its appreciation of customer needs and a commitment to total flexibility and quality of both products and services. KTC also recently invested a significant sum of £4.5million in an 80,000 sq ft packing facility on its Freeport complex within Liverpool docks, which has given the company increased flexibility and, more importantly, major volume opportunities.

Today, its portfolio covers the full spectrum of the food business from retailers through to wholesalers, major multiples and food manufacturers. Always looking to broaden its capabilities, expertise and products, last year alone KTC added over 100 new products to this portfolio and its intention is to add to this, continually, over the coming years. More recently, KTC has been focusing its efforts on its flagship product, its vegetable oil. Being the first company in the UK to produce non-hydrogenated cooking oil, it’s not a surprise that this is also championed by Jamie Oliver.

An employer of over 200 people, KTC is a responsible company, ambitious to retain its market leading position, while capitalising on some interesting opportunities in the sector. As a result, product development is very important to KTC, who, from time to time, will focus on a particular product or range to demonstrate its culinary benefits. This is demonstrated by its various brands of Nupak – a Caribbean range, Thai Pride as well as the Sea Isle brand, which is a superior range of West Indian recipes established by David Dein, the Arsenal ex-vice chairman.

KTC is also focusing on demonstrating the culinary benefits of its Pure Creamed Coconut, which is a brand whose uses perfectly personify its multiple abilities. Often used in mutton or lamb korma, coconut cake, tomato cups, South Seas filling, kofta curry and coconut cream, Pure Creamed Coconut can be used in any dish that requires a coconut flavour without the grainy texture of desiccated coconut. It can even be used as a thickener in stews and sauces.

Many of KTC’s brands are familiar throughout the UK, however it is best known as a major supplier of private label products. The company is a marked success in this market sector, which has helped it to increased turnover by approximately 47 per cent in fewer than two years.

KTC’s vision is to be the UK most highly regarded specialist manufacturer of oils and fats, becoming the leading name in all food sectors. As such, KTC will provide its customers with a quality product, superior service and be an organisation of which employees can be proud.

The company’s promise is to deliver a quality product with service excellence, working together in teams, while investing in staff to enable them to achieve their
career potential. KTC will seek constant improvement and will never be satisfied.

As part of this unrelenting drive for constant perfection, KTC customers will never be allowed to run out of stock as the company can supply a complete range of oils and fats, from small retail units through to 28 tonne bulk tanker deliveries, six days a week. KTC has its very own fullsize fleet of vehicles that comprises, trucks, trailers and bulk tankers.

From the heart of the UK, KTC delivers nationally using its own transport fleet to 2000 delivery points nationwide. KTC prides itself on the standard of its service and caterers, bakers and customers alike are already aware of the quality and versatility of its broad selection of fats, oils and cooking ingredients.

In a business like the food industry, Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are taken very seriously. The company understands that HSE is important to both employees and its clients, which is why it believes in operating in a safe and responsible way.

Teamwork is also valued very highly by KTC, which aims to work in harmony in order to deliver its overall objectives. At KTC employees operate on a ‘right first time, every time’ basis. Enthusiasm and innovation at work are essential if the company is to provide total satisfaction to its customers. The company believes in developing careers and making sure every one of its team has the skills they need for a successful career.

KTC is a company where high levels of opportunity and growth mean there is the potential to enhance skills and gain valuable experience with the food industry. Investment into a promising workforce provides KTC with an excellent outlook for the years to come.