Meeting the challenges

Prof Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, said: “The care sector is always open to new options in how it can provide nutritious food which is familiar to residents and as a way of being prepared for any crisis or emergency. The way we adapt and prepare for these situations will become increasingly important as we take steps out of this pandemic.”

Diana Morris, of Fuel Your Preparation, added: “Our instant meals are easy to store and to prepare as they only need water so they offer nutritious food for care home residents and even staff. Being fully prepared for any type of emergency is vital in a care home environment, whether it is due to food supplies failing because of a pandemic, or experiencing a power cut or flood. This is about providing residents with healthy food made from quality ingredients to meet their preferences and dietary needs.

“This food retains the nutritional value of the day it was made, while staying tasty, stable and nutritious at room temperature for an extended period of time, making it ideal when planning for supply chain disruptions.”

The products from Fuel Your Preparation also come in kit form as ingredients such as green beans, beef mince and white rice and offer organisations freeze dried breakfasts, desserts and main meals including vegetarian options depending on needs.

The meal range from Fuel Your Preparation in tins and pouch formats includes chicken tikka with rice, pasta bolognaise, beef stew, spicy pasta arrabiata, five bean cassoulet, chocolate mousse and rice pudding. Ingredients and staple items come in tins and also includes diced chicken and minced beef. The range also provides Halal, vegan and vegetarian options.