Mega milling

The mill, powered by the most advanced milling technologies from Bühler, is already in operation and contributes to both companies’ commitments to innovation and sustainable development within the food ecosystem.

The construction on the Port Redwing facility began in 2019 and was completed in March 2022. The milling project comprises of two milling units (with the ability to produce 750 tons per day and 300 tons per day respectively), and Ardent Mills has kept the growth of the market in mind, adding space for a third mill in the future. The Port Redwing mill produces all-purpose, whole-wheat, high-gluten, cake, and bread flour. Bühler supplied the cleaning section, the flour mill, the finished product storage, the batch mixing system, engineering, installation, supervision, and plant commissioning.

Bühler’s Arrius fully integrated system is key component of Port Redwing Mill and enables an integrated and self-adjusting grinding system that is a radical step change in how millers are able to control the quality and consistency of their product. In addition to optimum grinding performance, Arrius benefits include cutting energy costs, increasing staff safety, speedy installation, remote digital control, improved food safety, and reducing the initial outlay needed for plant investment.