New nutritional concept

Nestlé scientists, in collaboration with internationally recognized experts from leading institutions, such as Tufts University in Boston, U.S., Nutrition Research Australia and the National University of Singapore, have developed and validated a unique nutritional concept for carbohydrate quality.

The concept, called GRAINSMART balance, consists of a defined ratio between carbohydrates, fibers and sugars that aims to limit the amount of free sugars and increase the amount of fibers, which in consequence helps to shift to healthier products and balanced diets. This ratio is 10: 1: 2 and indicates that for every 10g of total carbohydrates there should be minimum 1g of fiber, and no more than 2g of free sugars when developing certain products such as cereals. Products which meet the 10:1:2 ratio, can include the GRAINSMART balance logo on pack. Nestlé has now launched the first products based on GRAINSMART balance, consisting of a porridge product range with Nutri-Score ‘A’ rating in Europe.

“This new nutritional concept aims at facilitating a choice of higher quality carbohydrate products, helping consumers to increase their consumption of fiber-rich grain such as whole-grains, while at the same time reducing their intake of added sugars,” says Kim-Anne Lê Bur, nutrition expert from Nestlé Research. “With GRAINSMART balance, both goals are met, while still ensuring a tasty product.”