New opportunities

Agilysys, Inc. has partnered with Integrated Decisions and Systems (IDeaS), resulting in the seamless two-way integration between IDeaS and three Agilysys PMS solutions servicing all verticals of the hospitality market: Visual One, LMS and Stay.

The integration between these PMS solutions and IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) will help hotel properties around the world adjust to various conditions, optimize pricing and maximize revenue performance. Hotels will have the opportunity to transform property-specific data into actionable insight for more accurate pricing, forecasting and reporting to further improve business performance.

Chief Evangelist and Development Officer for IDeaS Revenue Solutions Klaus Kohlmayr noted that the business was honored to expand its relationship with the Agilysys team through this new set of integrations. “Our clients can only benefit from the expertise that both organizations provide,” he stated. “With these PMS solutions from Agilysys and the industry-leading revenue management solutions from IDeaS, hospitality organizations around the world will experience a noticeable positive impact on their revenue performance.”

“Through the integration between our enterprise-grade, SaaS and On-Premise capable, Property Management Systems and the IDeaS revenue management platform, we will provide our customers with accurate insight and greater price optimization tools, ultimately resulting in higher RevPar,” added Rohith Kori, vice president, corporate and product strategy at Agilysys. “We are excited about the new opportunities this expanded partnership will create for both organizations and our customers.”