Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

A very grand chocolate
Pioneer in grand cru chocolate in Switzerland, Sprüngli has now launched a world first: Grand Cru Absolu – an intense chocolate experience made from just two ingredients. Sprüngli uses Bolivian single-origin cacao beans and juice from the cacao fruit to handcraft dark chocolate truffles and outstanding macarons. It’s a chocolate experience unlike any other, and a truly unique taste for connoisseurs and chocolate lovers alike.

To make Grand Cru Absolu, small-scale farmers hand-pick rare cacao fruits and their beans which boast a fruity-citrus and intense chocolate flavour. Only the naturally sweet, aromatic juice coming from the white pulp of the cacao fruit is added. Sprüngli has united these two components to create a pure, raw chocolate experience with a fruity and intensely dark character.

The deliberate use of single-origin cacao beans gives the Grand cru chocolate an intense and sophisticated flavour. The Truffe Grand Cru Absolu is filled with a creamy ganache made from intense Grand Cru Absolu chocolate and cacao juice, coated in chocolate shavings. Naturally fresh, with no added sugar or lecithin it is suitable for vegans.

The Luxemburgerli Chocolat Absolu features a light cream with natural cacao juice nestled between two vanilla and chocolate macaroons, with a chocolate ganache core, topped with an exquisite Grand Cru Absolu chocolate disc.

Furthermore, to Sprüngli, responsibility means using natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and processing these with care to guarantee exquisite quality. Using the entire cacao fruit ensures a careful approach to the environment and allows the cacao farmers to create added value.

Fish of the day
Young’s Seafood has launched The Young’s Kitchen, with the aim of inspiring the nation with more ways to enjoy fish more often and by demonstrating just how easy it is to serve up at home. Supported by paid digital, influencer marketing and social media, it will also look to adapt to consumer feedback and platform user-generated content as families share their own recipes and ideas.

At launch, the content will focus on being a timely helping hand for families by providing additional inspiration as the weekly repertoire of regular favourite meals begins to reach its limit during the coronavirus pandemic.

While initially focused on family mealtimes, the content will develop to include recreating the chippy experience at home and how to master your own date night, as well as some expert content for more adventurous cooks.

The Young’s Kitchen supports the ‘Masters of Fish’ campaign which launched in January this year and showcases the UK’s largest seafood specialist’s 200 years of expertise in inspiring people to cook and enjoy fish more often.

Keely Wade, senior brand manager at Young’s Seafood, explained that the Young’s Kitchen was developed out of a passion for fish and giving consumers greater confidence to enjoy it more often at home. “Just like at home, our kitchen sits at the heart of our business and everything we do, drawing on our 200-year heritage and our culinary expertise and this now gives us the opportunity to share that in an accessible way,” she said.

“We felt this was especially helpful at this current time as everyone tries to find new or interesting ways to feed the family and might be looking for new recipe ideas that are going to be crowd pleasers and new ways of using traditional family favourites. We can’t wait to get people’s reaction to our ideas and suggestions and also hear from them as they share their own inspiration with others.”

Brand makeover
Armagh based Linwoods Health Foods has unveiled a modern and exciting new brand identity including a new pack design and refreshed logo.

As the country adapts to its new normal and consumers make healthier choices, the rebrand champions the health qualities of the Linwoods product range and encourages customers to take extra care of themselves by adding nutrients and vitamins to their diet. While maintaining its classic colour scheme, the makeover delivers a cleaner pack design while highlighting the health benefits of each product and sees the first new look for Linwoods Health Foods in the UK and Ireland for seven years.

John Woods, owner of Linwoods Health Foods said: “These products are suitable for all consumers and we believe this pack refresh will help recruit new customers into the Linwoods product range.”

Thermal solution
Plant reliability specialist AVT Reliability is using its expertise in thermal imaging – usually employed to detect faults in factory equipment – to help companies protect their workforce.

The company, headquartered in Cheshire, has devised an endorsed thermal imaging procedure to screen employees for one of the classic signs of Covid-19 infection – a raised temperature – as they arrive on site.

It is now offering to set up any company’s thermal imaging equipment as a screening system at no cost, offer guidance and approach documents, or provide advice about suitable monitoring systems, for free.

Several companies have already taken up the offer and are screening staff as they arrive at work. Operatives are photographed face-on using a thermal imaging camera. The resulting image identifies areas of raised temperature via colour-coded imagery. Anybody displaying a temperature of 34°C or above is given a second, more in-depth screening focusing on their inner ear. If they are found
to have a temperature above 38°C – considered by NHS standards to indicate a fever – they will be directed to seek medical advice, while those with a normal temperature can continue in to work.

This type of screening should ideally form part of normal business approaches for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other industries where employees and visitors are required to complete a healthcare declaration before entering sites.

PJ Cloete, Thermal Imaging Technical Authority at AVT Reliability, said: “We were happy to use our knowledge and experience of thermal imaging to adapt it to a more human application. This offer is open to any company, not just AVT Reliability clients – email for details.”

Surge in demand expected
Higher seasonal temperatures and reduced product demand stemming from the Covid-19 crisis will result in cold storage spaces exceeding capacity, according to leading temporary power and temperature solutions company, Aggreko.

With long range weather forecast promising scorching temperatures throughout an already challenging summer, food and beverage companies are being encouraged to plan ahead and prevent a situation where cooling systems may struggle to meet rising demand.

“Ensuring enough cold storage space remains a concern, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Matt Watson, Temperature Control Specialist at Aggreko. “Restaurant and hotel closures have resulted in less demand for certain food products, so these goods are remaining in rapidly filling chill/cold stores. As such, more temporary chill/cold storage capacity may be required at a national level if we are to ensure the country’s infrastructure is not overwhelmed.”

Aggreko’s cooling systems can compensate for the additional duty required due to rising temperatures, ensuring that sites can operate as normal. Its cold storage equipment is also proving useful for projects where intensive maintenance is required, and as an emergency measure for food storage warehouses experiencing unplanned downtime.

Matt continues: “I believe top-up or add-in solutions that provide additional cooling capacity will be increasingly in demand in the coming months. Also, companies are going to need solutions that can work alongside existing installed infrastructure to reduce temperature back to required store temperatures.

“With the likes of Make UK recently advising that the situation is only likely to get worse before it gets better, we’d encourage companies to start procuring these solutions sooner rather than later.”