Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

Up-to-date products and announcements from the food and beverage sector

Make mine a cappuccino
Minor Figures is a cold brew and oat m*lk start-up that is revolutionising the way we drink coffee. August 2020 saw the East London-based entrepreneurs launch their creamy vegan Oat and Organic Oat Milk to Waitrose shops, and Booths. Already popular at the best coffee shops around the UK, and now even globally, aware that cafés around the world are increasingly looking for plant based alternatives, the sustainability-minded business has spent years developing the recipe to offer high performing oat m*lk, successfully achieving the same stability for froths and foams that baristas look for.

Stuart Forsyth, co-founder and CEO of Minor Figures, commented: “Our Regular and Organic Oat M*lks have been designed to pair perfectly with great tasting coffee. We’re all coffee people, and wanted to reflect that by creating a product that would allow baristas to heighten their customers’ own coffee-drinking experience. The desire for decent dairy-free is huge, and only getting bigger, with café customers choosing oat in and out of home. We’ve rightly built a reputation for quality, and now Minor Figures is proud to add two SKUs to Waitrose’s alt m*lk offering.”

Alice Shrubsall, buyer for Long Life Milk & Dairy Alternatives at Waitrose, added: “We’re really excited to be launching these new oat milks from Minor Figures. The demand from our customers for alternative milks continues to rise, with oat milk proving particularly popular, so we know these varieties will be the perfect addition to our range and we can’t wait for shoppers to try them.”

Saving the spud
PepsiCo has announced the winner of its second annual North America Greenhouse program: Spudsy – a Costa Mesa, Calif., female-owned company that makes sweet potato puff snacks that are certified non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and sources ingredients in a way that reduces food waste. The six-month business program, which began in February as Covid-19 was starting to change the retail landscape, awarded ten emerging food and beverage brands the opportunity to partner with PepsiCo as they looked to scale their businesses. Collectively, the ten participating companies in this year’s North America class were able to overcome challenges and grow their average revenues more than 240 percent over the course of the program.

Spudsy was chosen as this year’s winner by a committee of leaders within PepsiCo. Initial finalists were selected based on their product and brand qualities, how they integrate purpose into their offering, and how they meet the needs of current and future consumers, communities and/or our planet. Spudsy rose to the top based on its business results during a challenging environment, overall engagement in the program, and strong brand purpose. The company’s ‘Save the Spud’ mission helps reduce food waste by upcycling imperfect sweet potatoes to create its sweet potato flour.

“Our mentors really supported us in expanding our subscription business and overall strategy for expansion,” said Ashley Rogers, Founder of Spudsy. “They also helped us navigate the changing consumer landscape during a tricky time. We’re ecstatic to be able to use the $100,000 grant to continue to grow our internal team and support our key retailers.”

Get in a pickle
M&S is introducing customers to a range of award-winning pickles and ferments from Vadasz – the first range of chilled super condiments to be launched in the UK. Each is designed to elevate any meal or snack with delicious savoury flavour and a satisfying crunch, while being rich in beneficial probiotics. The range comprises three versatile pots:

    • Raw Kimchi
    • Red Onion Fresh Pickles
    • Garlic & Dill Fresh Pickles

Importantly, Vadasz Raw Kimchi is live culture, a result of the magical process of lactic acid fermentation, meaning it contains probiotics which are beneficial to the gut and are not found in many existing products that are preserved using vinegar. Similarly, Vadasz Red Onion Pickles, and Vadasz Garlic and Dill Pickles use a traditional cold brine process, keeping them unpasteurised and retaining their crunchiness and fresh flavour. Together, they offer anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, at a time when awareness is growing regarding the link between gut health and overall wellness.

Charlie Holland, senior brand manager for Vadasz, says: “This new and fresher range brings added quality and flavour to the category, as well as offering a wide range of culinary possibilities – from adding a spoonful to a sandwich or salad, to cooked dishes such as kimchi pancakes or your favourite burger. We know M&S customers will enjoy exploring the fantastic flavours, yet remarkable simplicity of these products.”

Authentic flavors
While every schools’ plan to return looks different this year, kids know that recess will be on recess, masks won’t just be for Halloween and that water fountains will be off limits. CAPRI SUN knows this is a hard time for kids, so to help students have a safe and fun way to get water this school year, the brand is swapping its juice for filtered water. CAPRI SUN is donating five million filtered water pouches to schools in the Chicagoland area and Granite City, where its factory is located.

“As a brand that exists to support families, when CAPRI SUN heard water fountains were going to be off limits when schools reopened, we saw an opportunity to step up and help out,” said Naor Danieli, associate director – kid’s hydration, Kraft Heinz. “With a tremendous amount of collaboration across all our CAPRI SUN teams, we worked quickly to create – CAPRI SUN Filtered Water – and hope it will make life easier for parents while making water slightly more fun for kids.”

To let kids know how truly sorry they are for the swap from juice to filtered water, CAPRI SUN is issuing apologies in a variety of ways. In addition to a written apology on every CAPRI SUN Filtered Water pouch, Chicago-based fans will find a full-page apology in the Comics section of the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, La Raza and Chicago Daily Herald.

While CAPRI SUN Filtered Water is not available for purchase, the CAPRI SUN juice that kids know and love is available at retailers nationwide.