Nothing Bundt Cakes

Many companies strive to sell products with a great taste, but Nothing Bundt Cakes also sets out to give consumers the feeling of home. Based in Las Vegas, the company produces a variety of bundt cakes from premium ingredients, including fresh eggs, real butter and cream cheese.

Founders Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz started Nothing Bundt Cakes in 1997 when they partnered to make cakes for their friends and family members. “The cakes they made were delicious, unlike anything anyone had tasted,” the company says. “As a result, their friends and family asked them to entertain more and more.”

Tripp and Shwetz originally intended the cakes as a side project, but they realized it had more potential. “There was an opportunity in the bakery world for delicious cakes, readily available, that didn’t compromise on their ingredients,” the company explains.

Today, Nothing Bundt Cakes has over 120 locations in 26 states, each bakery providing a high level of hospitality. “Each thoughtful detail of the experience, from the heartfelt welcome at the door to remembering the guest’s favorite flavor, has been naturally embraced at Nothing Bundt Cakes,” it states.

The company has excelled in a niche where it has limited competition. “Our specialty is providing an incomparable gift food product, which, when given or received, leaves a lasting impression,” Nothing Bundt Cakes declares. “We compete by offering premium, high-quality cakes at an affordable price.”

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ work has earned it recognition in the media as well. The company has been featured on shows such as “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” and “Unwrapped,” at celebrity parties and within the pages of Franchise Times.

Premium Flavors
Nothing Bundt Cakes offers an array of cake flavors, including Red Velvet. “This scarlet batter of velvety rich cocoa and buttermilk plays homage to its traditional Southern heritage,” it says. “Every vibrant red cake dances with chocolate chips and is topped with our signature cream cheese frosting.”

The company’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor is “chocolate bliss,” it describes. “This incredibly moist, decadent chocolate cake is packed with chocolate chips and rich, home-baked flavor that’s certain to earn sighs of delight.”

Its Pecan Praline cake strives to remind guests of home. “[It is] streusel cake like Grandma would bake,” Nothing Bundt Cakes says. “Rich, buttery yellow cake with big bites of pecans enrobed in cinnamon and sugar.”

Its Carrot cake comes “studded with pineapple and carrots and topped with our signature cream cheese frosting,” the company says. “Every bite has the warm, familiar taste of cinnamon and nutmeg.”

Nothing Bundt Cakes also offers its White White Chocolate, which is “a light and lovely confection,” it says. “The smooth sweetness of white chocolate is infused in every bite of this white, wonderful cake.” Finally, its White Chocolate Raspberry cake is white chocolate swirled with raspberry puree. “[It’s] fluffy, moist and ever so good,” Nothing Bundt Cakes says.

An Uncommon Concept
Nothing Bundt Cakes has a unique franchise concept. “When our guests visit our bakeries, they are often surprised to find out it is a franchise,” the company explains. “Our bakeries have a mom-and-pop shop feel to them that is uncommon in this industry.”

When recruiting, Nothing Bundt Cakes seeks out “like-minded people who are ready to join our growing family of franchises.” It wants owner/operators and investors who have:
•Leadership qualities and the ability to follow a system;
•Financial capability;
•A belief in the product;
•Business management, human resources and marketing experience;
•An enthusiasm for pleasing guests

The investment necessary to operate a bakery, the company notes, ranges from $390,775 to $489,975. “Franchise candidates and their partners/investors must have a combined liquid capital of at least $150,000 and a combined net worth of at least $600,000 to qualify financially,” it says.

Nothing Bundt Cakes also offers its franchisees protected territory that “is built around [their] bakery based upon our target customer demographics,” it says. “The territory’s size and shape depend on the nature of the geographic area.”