Plant-powered wrap

The companies’ first partnership will fuel UK lunch hours and beyond in 74 stores across the UK including London, Oxford, Manchester, Brighton and more and on Uber Eats.

Featuring vibrant veggies guests have come to love from LEON’s wraps, Heura’s world-famous vegan chicken and LEON’s Harissa sauce, the Vegan Harissa Chick’n Wrap is a modern and delicious twist on the classic chicken wrap.

“Heura’s mission has always been to accelerate the plant-based protein transition. Our partnership with LEON is designed to provide people with the delicious and convenient options they need but in a way that’s better for the planet, people and animals,” said Food Activist, CEO and Co-Founder of Heura, Marc Coloma. “LEON’s progressive customer base and care for its impact on the planet make this the perfect value-match, and fuels our growing presence in the UK market and our mission to change the global food system.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Glenn Edwards, Managing Director of LEON restaurants, commented: “We couldn’t be more excited about our new partnership with Heura. Heura is a brand that we feel is aligned with LEON values. This Grilled Wrap, which takes inspiration from its flavours from the Middle East, is a wonderful addition to our range of plant-forward food. Heura is on a global mission to bring delicious plant-based options to the mainstream. This partnership is a major step in the right direction to achieving this goal.”