Power Horse

A lifestyle in a can

Having recently struck a partnership with Manchester City FC, Power Horse dashes ahead in the energy drinks market with a brand emphasising extraordinary product quality and a commitment to helping consumers conquer their daily challenges

Surprising as it may sound, although energy drinks have been the fastest growing category within beverages worldwide, little innovation has kindled the market for the last 30 years. Consumer preferences are shifting, however, and the change is nigh. Enter Power Horse – a leading premium brand, whose products can now be found in more than 50 countries on four continents.

“Innovation will be the name of the game in the future,” declares CEO, Salvatore Caizzone. “Consumers want novelty in beverages and this is where we step in. We are keeping a long list of open projects to respond to dynamic market demands. In fact, we are just launching two new products that deliver on our promise for innovation. First – we are introducing an e-gaming drink called Level Up to target millions of e-gamers of all ages who need to stay hydrated while maintaining high focus on their gaming objectives. In addition, we are also launching the Power Horse Caffè – a line of delicious iced coffees, based on cold brew handcrafted filtration process,” he reveals.

“We have a simple product strategy: we aim to make the best energy drink for all of our consumers to enjoy wherever they might be. To this end, we have established a strategic supply partnership with Spitz – the Austrian manufacturer that launched the company in 1992, and we now have a global manufacturing centre in the peaceful town of Attnang-Puchheim, which enables us to use pure mountain spring water as a base for all our beverages. Moreover, none of our drinks contain preservatives and they are also some of the least sugary products in their key markets,” Salvatore highlights the company’s commitment to quality.

Unstoppable you
The Power Horse brand may have been born on European soil, but the company has never placed much focus on developing the Western markets. Instead, it chose to bring the energy drink concept to untapped regions like Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Its venture met with considerable success and today, Power Horse enjoys 92 per cent brand awareness across a population of 1.5 billion consumers in said markets.

“On yearly basis, some 240 million consumers engage with the brand,” Salvatore remarks. “They choose Power Horse not only because of its great taste, but especially for what it does for them. Our selling line is ‘Unstoppable You’, as we have a very clear vision of helping people feel on the top of their world every day. We aim to support consumers in the face of their real challenges by giving them the energy to stay on top of their day, because if you are you at your very best, you become truly unstoppable,” he delivers an impassioned summary of the role Power Horse desires to play in consumers’ lives.

Official partner
‘Unstoppable’ is a word that was also often being attached to the reigning Premier League champions of Manchester City during the 2017-18 season when The Citizens bulldozed their way to the title in such a dominant fashion that saw them dismantle every opponent they faced, all while breaking a number of long-standing records in English football. Enmeshed in a three-horse title race this campaign, City received a strong energy boost in the last days of 2018 when the club signed a multi-year partnership with Power Horse.

“We are now Man City’s official energy drink partner, as the club’s commercial focus is on growing their fan base in the Middle East and Africa, and penetrating these markets with their brand,” Salvatore enthuses. “Power Horse and Manchester City share the same principles, which makes our alliance a match made in heaven. We are both tenacious – never giving up until the job is done; we both value partnership – playing and winning together; and we are both obsessed with winning, because we genuinely believe that playing and drinking are so much more fun when we win.”

Already knowing about the partnership between Power Horse and Man City, it will be hard not to associate the latter’s high-intensity style of play with the former’s beautifully-designed logo featuring a black stallion – a symbol of strength and elegance – every time The Sky Blues’ genius players glide gracefully into football pitches home and abroad.

Consumer satisfaction
“The logo is one of the two main aspects our loyal customers cite most often when explaining their love for the Power Horse brand,” Salvatore points out. “The other is the unique taste we offer them. Our ambition is to become a company that proposes products well beyond the traditional energy drinks we know today. We are convinced that energy products will continue to be in high demand for one simple reason – everybody needs some extra energy to cope with the increasingly demanding and fast-paced world we live in. At Power Horse, we are constantly busy launching better beverages that meet consumer satisfaction and add value to the category.”

He concludes: “In a world that questions traditional global branding values, our challenge is to strengthen consumer relationships via both engaging communication and great drinking experience. We want to be seen as much more than just an energy drink. Power Horse is a lifestyle in a can and we are eager to promote this lifestyle around the world by expanding our geographical footprint in the coming years.”