Premier Restaurant Equipment Co.

A restaurant or other foodservice environment could have the best recipes around, but that wouldn’t mean as much if its chefs and cooks have to stumble their way through an inefficiently designed kitchen. A kitchen with the most effective design and most appropriate equipment for serving a restaurant’s clientele can mean the difference between success and failure, so it’s not surprising that many in the foodservice industry turn to Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. to design and install their kitchen equipment. Based in Minneapolis, Premier Restaurant Equipment has served restaurant and other foodservice customers ranging from five-star hotels and resorts to fast-casual restaurants to senior care facilities.

The company emphasizes that its approach is what makes it different from its competitors, and that approach is rooted in the experience its professionals have in the foodservice industry. No matter what the size or scope of a project, Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. says it prides itself on being able to deliver a kitchen design that serves the specific needs of each client. As its clients continue to rack up industry awards for their concepts and service, Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. stands behind the scenes as one of the driving forces behind their success.

Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. specializes in the design, supply and installation of equipment for foodservice kitchens. “Architects and builders around the country tell us over and over again that they know a job will turn out just fine if Premier is involved,” the company says.

Fully Experienced
Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. says the value it brings to its clients begins with the approach it takes to each project and the experience its staff utilizes in each design. “Unlike most places, Premier sales team members are expert designers, not just order-takers,” the company says. “Sometimes that means we disagree or recommend something different than what the architect or developer suggested because we trust our experience and first-hand knowledge. Other companies simply don’t have the same background for giving [clients] the straight talk like we do.”

The company leverages its experience in the foodservice industry to handle the design of virtually any type of establishment. “Premier strategically elevates [the client’s] design’s style and its constructability,” the company says. “We anticipate its impact on daily and long-term operating expenses, energy consumption and maintenance expectations. It takes more than a CAD program for that kind of thinking. Only Premier has the years of foodservice experience to ask the right questions and help [clients] translate efficiency into profitability.”

During the design stage, Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. provides clients with layouts for furnishings, equipment and storage plans, procurement coordination, equipment installation and post-opening support. “Over the years, we’ve seen how kitchen crews actually use – or abuse – the hardware,” the company says. “We know which manufacturers stand up to the foodservice grind. Premier has long-term relationships with the best suppliers in the business. We even consult with their R&D departments. Leaders in our industry know we’ll tell it straight.

Among the services Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. provides clients during the supply phase of the project are equipment planning, procurement, delivery scheduling, start-up and training, budget preparation and taking inventory of existing equipment for a renovated space. The company performs these tasks for the front of the house as well as the back, arranging for seating, fixtures and finishes as well as kitchen equipment and storage.

Shining Example
The list of clients who have worked with Premier Restaurant Equipment Co. is long and prestigious, as well as diverse. The company says evidence of its skill can be seen in any of its numerous projects across the country. For example, the company points to its work for Redhawk Casino in Northern California. “Premier Restaurant Equipment assisted with all of the foodservice areas in the 278,000-square-foot, full-service gaming facility,” the company says. “However, we were involved with the entire Waterfall Buffet project.”

The Waterfall Buffet features more than 300 menu items, creating a major challenge for Premier Restaurant Equipment Co., but the company says it was more than a match for that challenge. “Our team considered the potential high-traffic flow patterns, staff and server needs, and ample food prep requirements for such a large-scale venue,” the company says. “Premier worked closely with Rudolph and Sletten General and Engineering Contractors to finish the Red Hawk Casino before the projected end date. But, for our part of the project, we attribute our success to the superior skills, experience and ingenuity of Premier’s team.”