Premiere Cinema Corp.

Premiere Cinema Corp. is among the nation’s largest independently owned motion picture exhibitors. Consisting of 22 screens throughout Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and New Mexico, Premiere is listed in the National Association of Theatre Owners Encyclopedia of Exhibition as one of the top-20 largest cinema companies in North America.

Since Premiere Cinema Corp. began operations in 1985, many factors have led to its continued growth and success, including valued vendor relationships and a dedication to the communities it serves. However, Premiere’s commitment to creating the ultimate movie viewing experience has made it a leader in the industry.

“Our company builds one of the most creative and eye-catching cinemas out there,” notes Joel Davis, vice president and chief operating officer for Premiere Cinema Corp. “We’ve incorporated the most comfortable chairs into stadium seating, great sound systems that really deliver the true reproduction of the sound track and a digital picture that is second to none.”

Combining thoughtful design elements and quality environment schemes has paid off for Premiere Cinema Corp. Add to the mix comfortable seating, quality refreshments and friendly staff, and the industry has a box office hit.

A Signature Standard
The company’s website invites guests to come in, relax and be entertained, “Premiere style.” According to Davis, the signature Premiere style is quite unique to theaters today. “We want our guests to experience great cinema, right down to their favorite concession snacks to our comfortable rocking chairs,” he adds.

Premiere screening theaters are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the viewing experience. As Davis explains, Premiere is the first film exhibitor to embrace the new wave of digital technology by incorporating it into the architecture of the facility. The company is responsible for building the first 300-seat, mezzanine-less digital cinema. Premiere has four of these revolutionary viewing rooms, with two located in Alabama, one in Texas and one in New Mexico.

To achieve this architectural feat, Premiere redesigned the traditional theater model to place the digital technology more efficiently in one central location. “We’ve showcased the digital cinema into what is known as the Digital Command Center; where before it was hidden away in a projection booth above the head of viewers,” Davis explains. “Now, it’s located in one area of the theater.”

Staying ahead of the trends in technology has helped the success of Premiere. But, as Davis explains, there’s more to the movie experience than just watching the movie. “The industry has changed since we started in 1985,” he says. “We’ve seen a revolution from stadium seating, to digital sound, to digital pictures. We are currently seeing the next wave influenced by our guests asking the industry to change their standard menus to include larger variety of traditional and non traditional items.”

According to Davis, items like sliders, pizza, fresh-baked cookies and hand-dipped ice cream are gaining popularity as standard movie fare. The beverage menu also is expanding to include more varieties of soft drinks, frozen beverages, wine and beer.

“Premiere is closely watching market trends,” Davis explains. “For example, we’re currently working with one of our partners to develop a low-calorie snack pack option, which is revolutionary in movie refreshments.”

Strong Ties
State-of-the-art viewing capabilities, spectacular sound systems and delectable refreshments are all part of the Premiere Cinema Corp. total package. However, the final piece of that package – and arguably the most important piece – is the company’s friendly and dedicated staff. “Our goal is to give our guests a truly great experience with exceptional service,” Davis says.

The company also promotes the development of relationships outside of the theater doors. For years, Premiere has encouraged employees to become fully immersed in their communities.

“Our employees get involved in everything from summer reading programs at the local library to blood drives to working at the local food pantry,” Davis says. “It’s a tremendously rewarding experience to know we’ve helped people in need within our communities.”

As Davis explains, the move toward building lasting relationships with guests, employees and vendors is all part of the Premiere Cinema Corp. mission statement: “Do everything possible to make the movie-going experience fun and enjoyable by taking care of every guest personally.”