Reiser UK

Built on trust

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of food processing and packaging equipment, Reiser UK has represented a trusted supplier across several industries for more than five decades

Operating from its base in Kingston, Milton Keynes, Reiser UK represents the UK branch of the Americanowned Reiser food processing and packaging equipment business. Established in 1945 and headquartered in the Norfolk County town of Canton, Massachusetts in the US, Reiser has more than 50 years of manufacturing, sales and service experience. Throughout its history Reiser Reiser 124 bhas established a leading reputation in the production of food processing and packaging solutions, while growing an expansive network of subsidiary companies and brands. Indeed, Reiser today represents the umbrella business for several companies comprising the Vemag, Vemag Anlagenbau, Holac, Ross, and Seydelmann brands in the field of food processing equipment and Ross, Variovac and Supervac within the arena of food packaging equipment.

The company opened its UK operation during 1993 and the business has since continued growth during the subsequent years, while gaining further recognition for its high-quality equipment, innovative engineering and outstanding service. “Today this total commitment to our customers positions Reiser as a trusted equipment supplier that processors can trust for superior, efficient and smarter solutions,” reveals Reiser UK Managing Director, Richard Watson. “With an exceptional span of quality products, we are able to work with customers to advise on the most effective solutions that range from stand-alone machines to full production lines.”

In addition to its facilities within the US and the UK, Reiser also operates a Canadian division, which is locatedin Burlington, Ontario. This network of international sales offices and subsidiary brands has allowed Reiser to develop a comprehensive portfolio of processing and packing solutions and associated support services for clients operating across the sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, bakery and cheese industries. Throughout all of its operations Reiser is committed to serving the food industry and other selected markets by providing high-quality equipment solutions and associated support services that meet the bespoke needs of its clients. While executing these services Reiser is further committed to developing strong and lasting relationships with both its customers and suppliers, while encouraging its employees to reach their full potential. Through this vision it is intended that Reiser can continue to grow as a leading equipment supplier, while earning a fair profit and securing the company’s future.

“At Reiser we put the customer at the centre of everything that we do. We have professional experts and advisors that work in specifying the best possible solution to meet customer requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, as well as dedicated teams that provide additional service, spares, telephone and field support, testing and development operations,” Richard explains. “We are also very serious about developing and further investing in our people to be the very best that they can be while also introducing new talent into the business to support continued development and growth.”

R&D investment
Through its 50 years of industry experience, Reiser has established a proven reputation as a leading supplier of sausage manufacturing, processing and stuffing equipment. The company’s range of equipment in this area ranges from its Seydelmann grinders, cutters and emulsifiers to Vemag branded portioning stuffers and linking equipment. The full line of Reiser machines and Reiser 124 cattachments can also be fully optimised for deployment within sausage plants and sausage kitchens of all sizes. Further to its extensive collection of sausage making equipment, Reiser is also able to supply a comprehensive line of packaging equipment ranging from its Variovac form, fill and seal packaging machines and Ross tray sealers to Supervac vacuum chamber machines.

This extensive breadth of manufacturing experience is further carried into the markets for meat, poultry and seafood products where Reiser offers comprehensive solutions for forming, check weighing, depositing, cutting, dicing/slicing, grading/slicing, mixing, injecting, muscle stuffing, smoking/cooking/ chilling and packaging activities. “Reiser continues to invest in research and development (R&D) projects across all product lines, which enables the development of new applications and improvements to existing lines to be made on a regular basis,” Richard says. “The recent addition of the Vemag XP to the company’s range of vacuum fillers represents just one example of this. The Vemag XP underpins what is already a leading market solution and introduces the most powerful and efficient vacuum filler in the world, while maintaining the double screw at the heart of the machine that ensures that food products are handled as gently as possible.”

Proven reputation
By continuing to invest into its R&D operations, Reiser is able to fully respond to the individual needs of its clients as well as the wider trends that exist within the food processing and packing industries. By leveraging its proven reputation with its on-going development operations, the company is set to endure as an innovative market leader while remaining fully committed to its core values of quality and service. “At Reiser we see an ever evolving market and while there are clear changes in wants and needs of consumers generally, there will always be a need for meat and dairy products,” Richard concludes. “However that is not where our capabilities end, we are also specialists in bakery solutions including gluten free and other diverse food processing and packaging products. As markets and volumes continue to fluctuate, we will further endeavour to observe new growth opportunities, while never losing sight of what our core business is.”