SecureTablePay is changing the game in restaurant security, efficiency and profitability.

Pay-at-the-table technology – the process of conducting the payment at the point of service – is the future of restaurant service, and the future is now. The technology supports restaurant profitability by speeding operations, enhancing security and increasing profit margins — all done at a customer’s table.

SecureTablePay is a fully certified, leading Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip pay-at-the-table solution. It has a decade of field-proven innovation capability in more than 2,000 restaurant locations across the United States and Canada.

An out-of-the-box solution, SecureTablePay integrates with the most popular credit card processors and point-of-sale (POS) system providers in the hospitality industry. The plug-and-play software is also ready to handle processing via any channel available to PIN pads today, including wireless, Bluetooth and 3G PIN pads.

The technology supports both chip-and-sign and chip-and-PIN transactions, and automatically determines which payment procedure to process. SecureTablePay also supports all major contactless forms of payment, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Pull, Not Push
Other pay-at-the-table technologies operate by “pushing” a check to a device before accepting payment. SecureTablePay, however, will always “pull” checks to the PIN pad. Pulling has beneficial ramifications for a restaurant: When PIN pads are independent of POS stations because they “pull” data, there is no need to wait for a PIN pad to be free before conducting the next transaction. Restaurant staff can use any PIN pad with any POS station.

Because SecureTablePay is wireless and not tied to a POS station, servers easily swap and share terminals. Restaurant merchants, therefore, don’t need to buy as many terminals and will save significantly as a result. With SecureTablePay, restaurants get exactly the number of PIN pads required, finalize the check payment directly at the customer’s table, and can have the terminal for the next transaction.

Paying at the table significantly improves a customer’s dining experience. According to research conducted by the hospitality industry, 68 percent of diners agree!

Restaurants using the technology can reduce customer wait times to get a table as well as waiting further for their checks and to getting their receipt and card back. Worse yet is the interruption to the dining experience that comes about from getting up to go to the house POS system to pay. SecureTablePay eliminates these inconveniences at every turn and offers a user-friendly pay-at-the-table system with language, automatic gratuity calculation and multiple payment options.

Turning the Tables
Increasing table turns to increase profit is one of a restaurant’s primary goals. Restaurants can cut down on costly time-wasting steps for a restaurant and its waitstaff by promoting efficient operations. SecureTablePay eliminates the multitude of steps traditionally taken during a single payment transaction when closing tables, therefore reducing time during and between table turns.

A server can even use more than one PIN pad to close large tables. Now that’s a good way to turn tables!

When customers pay at the table, the time saved allows servers to close and turn more tables. Servers are also freed to spend more time on the floor attending to the customers as opposed to running back and forth to the house POS system. Handling more tables more attentively per shift increases customer satisfaction and boosts check amounts. SecureTablePay’s intuitive design provides a pleasant user-experience, and waitstaff are equipped with all the training and instructional material needed to use it.

Technology Mastery
Payment processing done entirely on a PIN pad and at the point of service takes POS systems out of scope. SecureTablePay ensures that no sensitive cardholder information is ever exchanged, and will never affect the POS’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard scope. Additionally, SecureTablePay’s Chip card processing capability, with point-to-point encryption, is fully EMV-compliant. The restaurants using it are also compliant, saving them from paying steep penalties.

The EMV chip is the metallic square embedded in credit and debit cards that creates a unique code with every transaction, making it much harder for these cards to be stolen and counterfeited. Recent changes in liability laws dictate that the least EMV-compliant party (restaurant vs. bank) will be responsible for chargebacks and other fees if a fraudulent transaction occurs.

SecureTablePay brings the security of EMV to a restaurant’s each and every transaction. When the customer pays with their chip card at the table, without ever letting it out of their hands, the merchant gets all the fraud protection of EMV, thanks to SecureTablePay, and there’s never a need to worry about paying chargebacks again.

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