Simpsons Beverages has the industry in a stir with its bold and tantalizing drinks 

Blackpool-based Simpsons Beverages Ltd (Simpsons) is a leader in the science, art, and innovation of flavors for drinks manufacturers, brands, and companies. Always at the forefront of emerging drinks trends, Simpsons possesses the know-how and experience to enable customers to seize the opportunity of being pioneers in their respective categories. The company works with various businesses in the drinks industry, including beverage manufacturers, brands, and wholesalers, along with slush, milkshake and post-mix machine producers and distributors. In addition, Simpsons directly supplies several high-profile chains of bars, restaurants, and fast-food outlets. Within the alcoholic beverage industry, its clientele comprises spirit brands, distilleries, breweries, cider manufacturers, as well as bottling and canning companies. Caleb Simpson, Managing Director, talks us through Simpsons’ history. 

Front row left to right:Caleb Simpson - MD, Jim Simpson - Technical Director
Back roe left to right:
Jason Simpson - Sales Director, Adrian Simpson - Finance and Customer Service Director
Front row left to right:
Caleb Simpson – MD, Jim Simpson – Technical Director
Back roe left to right:
Jason Simpson – Sales Director, Adrian Simpson – Finance and Customer Service Director

“My grandfather, William Herbert Simpson, affectionately known as Bert, founded Simpsons in 1934. Initially, he sold pop door-to-door and supplied hotels and hospitality venues across the Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool. As his business boomed, Bert soon established a fleet of vans to cater to companies across the Fylde coast, Preston, and East Lancashire. In the 1960s, Bert made the strategic decision to diversify the business in response to changing market conditions and the rise of large supermarkets. This prompted Simpsons to focus on producing concentrates and compounds for drinks, a pivotal move that has shaped the company’s trajectory to this day. As we celebrate our family business’ 90th anniversary this year, it is remarkable to reflect on our journey from door-to-door sales in Blackpool to supplying innovative drink syrups and flavors to renowned beverage brands all around the world,” he begins 

Touching further on this impressive milestone, Caleb unveils the factors that have been crucial to enabling Simpsons’ success and longevity over the last nine decades. “We are immensely honored to be a part of Simpsons’ enduring legacy of bringing flavor to life since 1934. This milestone is a testament to our adaptability in the face of changing industry conditions all while upholding our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the enduring relationships we have cultivated with our customers. The strategic investments and improvements we have made throughout our journey have certainly fared us well. Our commitment to our core values has also underpinned this, and we remain an independent family firm, making our services both friendly and professional,” he emphasizes. 

Concept to completion 

One thing that has not changed throughout Simpsons’ history is the unparallelled quality of its products. Caleb gives more insights into the company’s wide array of offerings. “Simpsons develops and manufactures concentrated syrups and flavors across multiple drink categories including carbonated beverages, flavored spirits and liqueurs, ready to drink cocktails, adult soft drinks, energy drinks, non-alcoholic spirits, and milkshakes, as well as coffee and slush syrups. Our dedicated team of new product development (NPD) experts can swiftly and effectively create or match almost any flavor.Operating on-site from our purpose-built innovation center, they support our customers through every step of their journey, from initial concept to final delivery. Additionally, our liquid flavor compounds offer a convenient solution for producing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on a commercial scale. These compounds contain all the ingredients required to manufacture a specific drink in a single, concentrated, pre-blended liquid form, which is simply diluted with water – and alcohol where required – before packaging. As a result, customers no longer need to engage with multiple suppliers and coordinate countless ingredients with varying lead times, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and shelf lives. All our products are bespoke, manufactured to meet the individual requirements of our customers, and available in a range of commercial pack sizes that best suit their needs,” he describes. 

Expanding global footprint 

Although operating solely from the UK, Simpsons is particularly focused on internationalization, with plans to expand its audience and supply new markets. “Whilst we already export to 15 countries worldwide, we are keen on expanding our global footprint even further. Because all our products are bespoke and made to order, we can easily tailor them to align with the local culture and tastes of international markets, with branded labelling in the language of each country. Moreover, our products can effortlessly be adjusted with specific regulations, such as sugar tax requirements. These capabilities have empowered us to collaborate with several key international drinks brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers interested in launching their own private label range. In addition, our coffee, slush and milkshake syrups and post-mix options are perfectly suited for supply to the hospitality and leisure industry, as well as large chains of fast-food restaurants. Beyond that, Simpsons also offers its services to numerous international bottling and canning companies, who appreciate the many efficiencies that our compounds bring to the drink manufacturing process,” Caleb informs. 

Caleb highlights that Simpsons’ family-like company culture permeates through all aspects of the business, driven by its core values. “Every person we recruit must align with our value set and is rewarded based on upholding them.Our core values encompass respecting the rights and dignity of everyone we interact with, remaining committed to being a dependable supply partner, approaching each day with enthusiasm and energy, and acting benevolently by consistently considering and supporting those in need. Recently, we have been awarded the Investors in People Platinum Award, which is the highest level of accreditation, meaning that policies and practices around supporting people are embedded in every corner of our organization. As a platinum company, every individual, from our Managing Director to our newer staff members, understands the integral part they play in our company’s performance and is always looking for ways to improve. Acknowledging the critical importance of our employees in every aspect of our business, we are committed to investing in their training and development to ensure we can continue to deliver the highest standards of excellence,” he ends. 

By perpetuating flavor innovation, exceptional service, and heartfelt relationships, Simpsons is poised to carry forward the legacy of generations past well into the future.