Star performers

With less than 90 calories per pack, nibnibs ‘Not Too Naughty’ cookies are one of the most indulgent and nutritious options on the market. The Booths listing marks a significant step for nibnibs into the retail space, following their success supplying to some of the world’s biggest airlines. In addition to the initial Booths listing, the healthy baked snacks will also be launching in the USA and Taiwan in February and March this year.

The Not Too Naughty cookies are a third less in sugar than their traditional biscuits, but actually around 50 percent less than other main players in the market too. In addition to having reduced sugar, the cookies are also high in fiber with no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, reduced sugar, and palm oil free.

Susan Everitt, Founder of nibnibs, said: “Our goal is to produce a healthier biscuit alternative, that tastes like a traditional biscuit treat, using natural flavors and ingredients. We have produced bespoke snacks and created flavors for champagne houses and high end retailers. We apply the same standards for customer satisfaction wherever our snacks are nibbled!

“We’re excited to expand our retail offering, starting at Booths. Entering the in store retail market has allowed us to reach new customers and increase our expansion plans across the UK.”