SYSPRO’s real-time, fully integrated ERP solution provides food and beverage manufacturers and distributors with 360 degree visibility while simplifying business operations.

SYSPRO is a global ERP solutions provider with software in over 60 countries worldwide. With USA operations based in Southern California, the company addresses all areas of ERP and the supply chain with an emphasis in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution.

“The product evolved to provide a full-featured, end-to-end solution that addresses all areas of the food and beverage supply chain,” President Joey Benadretti says. “The comprehensiveness and depth of the software’s functionality makes the SYSPRO solution an excellent fit for many industries, including significant success in food and beverage.”

Meeting Needs
SYSPRO software addresses the needs of local, national and international organizations. Its leading-edge technology is available in the cloud, on-premise and via mobile device. “We address large, medium and smaller size companies whether they are single or multi-location sites, both domestically and internationally,” Benadretti says. “SYSPRO puts great emphasis on providing top notch service and being a true partner who contributes to customer growth.”

SYSPRO’s product offering addresses everything that both a food and beverage manufacturer and distributor would need in a comprehensive ERP system. All areas of quality control, recipe management, regulatory compliance, traceability, inventory management, purchasing, sales, financials, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting services, shop floor control, scheduling and barcode data collection are available, among other areas of functionality. SYSPRO offers an array of applications that are highly flexible and tailored to individual customer needs. The product’s capabilities are extended through SYSPRO’s device-agnostic mobile platform, SYSPRO Espresso, enabling flexibility for today’s modern worker.

SYSPRO’s solutions allow customers to manage all facets of their business so they can plan, execute and control operations more effectively. Beyond supply chain distribution capabilities, SYSPRO provides deep functionality for manufacturers, including managing inventory levels to optimize the competing demands of availability versus cost, defining bills of materials, calculating lead and elapsed times as well as order quantities, planning and scheduling of production, material requirements and capacity planning, managing work-in-progress, integrating with CAD and shop-floor data collection systems and cost control and tracking.

Over the years, SYSPRO has gained significant experience in addressing the unique needs of the food and beverage industry. Many challenges face food and beverage manufacturers, including stringent regulatory requirements that demand tight control of manufacturing processes and traceability, along with tight business practices. Recording and tracking ingredients is critical for this industry.

“There are many challenges facing the food and beverage industry, including stringent regulation in the form of quality, documentation and traceability, and shelf life management. In addition, customer demand places major pressure on companies for product variety and innovation,” says Benadretti. “We need to enable food and beverage companies to manage these challenges while continuing to grow and increase efficiency and profitability.”

Supporting the Customer
SYSPRO’s focus on meeting the needs of manufacturers and distributors has not changed since its inception in 1978, which enables its customers to leverage off the software for their own growth and profitability. Year after year, SYSPRO is committed to applying its resources to the advancements of its customer base by also incorporating the latest technologies into the software. In addition, SYSPRO and its channel partners offer a full range of services including classroom training, on-site implementation services, telephone technical support, specific consulting services and 24/7 access to the SYSPRO Learning Channel.

To ensure the best return for the customer, SYSPRO prides itself on having a fully documented implementation methodology that safeguards the customer and speeds up the implementation process.

“Our key differentiating factor is an award-winning documented implementation methodology, and a core focus on providing outstanding customer service with the intent of developing a long-term relationship with our customers,” Benadretti says. “We know the challenge companies face in implementing an ERP solution. We are committed to ensuring that SYSPRO is the lowest risk choice in the ERP market and therefore helping customers protect their software investment.”

Ongoing Development
From a product point of view, development is never at a standstill. Focus on future functionality and capability will not only be on core applications but also on all the areas of specialization that are continually required by customers. SYSPRO will continue to put emphasis on methodologies to shorten implementation cycles to give greater bottom-line advantages to its customers.

“A comprehensive list of functional recommendations from our base to meet specific customer requirements is continually being addressed,” Benadretti says. “In addition, a combination of new product development and technological advancements will take advantage of both current and future market innovations.”

SYSPRO will continue to maintain its presence as a leader and innovator in the ERP market space by hiring additional people with significant food and beverage and manufacturing and distribution experience. The company will continue to develop product specifically for the needs of the food and beverage vertical while utilizing technology that addresses the requirements for manufacturing/distribution in this area.

“For these businesses, every bit of information can be critical for ensuring safety in the production and delivery of product,” Benadretti says. “Food and beverage will continue to get more sophisticated and customer demand will force greater insight into operations.”

SYSPRO’s goal is to provide customers with the ability to stay ahead of the game by providing all the functionality and technology required to leverage their business activities. This includes the areas of machine learning, IoT and mobility as more customers use small hand-held devices.

“We must deliver the right information at the right time for faster and better decisionmaking and help customers leverage their software investment,” Benadretti says.

Ultimately, SYSPRO is all about creating a culture of innovation, helping its people think and make the impossible possible. This means extending thought processes that will enable operational capabilities to happen through cloud, mobile or even big data applications. For SYSPRO, innovation is all about taking ideas, extending the thought processes and finding practical execution for future deployment and delivery.

“Often it is taking the advancement of what happens in the industry, following trends, outpacing competitors in innovations and addressing the SYSPRO customer,” Benadretti says. “SYSPRO encourages a culture of collaboration and teamwork internally and externally.”