Taste test – Rollagranola

Breakfast of champions!

For anyone looking for the ultimate granola, products from Rollagranola are an excellent place to start. Priding itself on being a leading granola expert, the business uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure each and every batch is 100 percent perfect. Great for adults and children alike, the granolas are best served with a dollop of yoghurt or a splash of ice cold milk.

To ensure each bite is filled with great flavor, Rollagranola handmakes its products in small batches, with the range including Healthy Hazelnut, Almond & Pecan Crunch, Organic and Nutty and Absolutely Chocolate varieties (all contain nuts).

Our tester was very impressed with the Almond & Pecan Crunch granola. Naturally sweet, this variety is enhanced with vanilla, plant fibers pecans and almonds to create a low-sugar, gluten-free start to the day. She said: “The granola was very nutty, and you could tell the quality as the almonds were still whole, which made it really filling. I combined it with soy milk and a drop of kefir yoghurt, and I found it make great start to a healthy day!”