Verity Wine Partners

Verity Wine Partners was founded in 2009 with the goal of becoming the best fine wine distributor in New York. It represents a comprehensive portfolio of more than 750 wines from 240 wineries in 15 wine-producing countries.

“One of the industry’s most diverse portfolios, what all Verity Wines share in common are balance, character, authenticity and, most important of all, [they] deliver value respective of their price,” the company says.

Working along with its loyal wine partners, Verity Wine Partners is the fastest-growing fine wine distributor in its region. Therefore, it is recruiting for its sales team as it expands into new areas, says Steve Doran, founding partner. It currently employs about 30 sales staff.

Doran states Manhattan-based Verity Wine Partners’ success stems from great customer service and educated staff. This is especially important in the large wine industry. It is how Verity Wine Partners sets itself apart, Doran notes. The distributor is active with associations and industry supporters including the New York Alliance of Fine Wine Wholesalers.

A Dream Team
Verity aims to be the best wine distributor in New York. It is the preferred partner to its customers because of its top selection, Doran says. It also promotes growing markets.

Verity Wine’s four founding partners – Bill Sciambi, Christopher Desor, Constance Oehmler and Doran – shared the goal of bringing together a dream team of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable sales and operational personnel to supply a portfolio of value-oriented wines across all price points. Verity Wine Partners is committed to providing a balanced portfolio of wines from small to large growers and producers that express terroir, varietal and appellation, the company says.

“Our business plan is built upon three pillars: quality product, whatever-it-takes service and mutual partnership,” Verity Wine says. “We’ve set up our operations around the way [customers] do business, rather than the other way around. That’s the difference between a wine partner and a distributor. A partnership is built on mutual trust, mutual commitment and mutual success.”

Doran, formerly of Lauber Imports of Syosset, N.Y., now a division of Southern Wine & Spirits, saw a need in the market for better service, talent, product and suppliers, importers and wineries.

“At the time distributors in the area were too large to give good service or too small to carry the product mix,” Doran recalls. “New York has more than 260 wine wholesalers so it was a tough industry to get into, but our ability to recruit a top-tier salesforce and big clients at the same time helped land some big customers and succeed in this competitive industry.”

Doran is proud of the company’s success and growth. During the recession, restaurant business slowed as people ate out less, which triggered a drop in sales. The decline was buoyed by a steady rate of New York City tourism, however. “Verity was fairly lucky to not have suffered too much from people tightening their budget,” Doran says.

The company is currently focused on its trendy Greek wine portfolio. Wines from New Zealand and Argentina are also selling well with South African wine collections increasing in popularity, as well.

Tasting the Difference
In addition to representing an outstanding portfolio of wines, Verity aims to provide the best high-touch service to its customers by:

    • Offering a professional and well-trained sales partner to service needs;


  • Enabling customers to place orders efficiently;
  • Offering professional, courteous and temperature-controlled storage and delivery;
  • Solving problems instantly and rectifying mistakes quickly and satisfactorily.

“Quite simply, our goal is no less than to become our customer’s absolute favorite fine wine distribution company and the one they most want to work with,” the company says. “We welcome accounts and suppliers to experience the Verity difference.”

Verity also promotes educational events to distinguish itself in the market. “We are going to continue to provide over-communication with customers and be their preferred partner offering a great selection, customer service and educated staff,” Doran says.