Webster City Custom Meats Inc.

After 41 years, Webster City Custom Meats (WCCM) Inc. maintains its tradition of delivering fresh, high-quality smoked pork products. “We buy fresh hams, bellies and loins from federally inspected, regional packers daily,” President Dean Bowden declared in a statement.

“We then process, smoke, chill and package immediately,” he said, asserting that WCCM does not buy pre-processed products that were kept in a freezer for months before shipping. “Thus, we can assure [customers] that the products [they] buy from us are delivered fresh to [their] door.”

Based in Webster City, Iowa, WCCM custom-processes smoked ham, bacon and turkey, fresh sausage products, boneless ham roasts and smoked pork loins. The company was founded in 1973 and expanded three years later from a three-person meat locker to a 15,000-square-foot pork processing facility.

Today, WCCM says its operations are in three separate buildings: its 57,000-square-foot main plant, a 35,000-square-foot warehouse and a 9,000-square-foot garage. “Currently, WCCM is expanding our boning and sausage operations, and updating the inedible handling area, as well as the ham defrosting facility, ultimately adding over 5,000 square feet to the main plant facility,” it adds.

Primarily, WCCM says its goal has been to market private-label pork products to hotels, restaurants and institutions. However, “WCCM is now a regional distributor that produces their own private-label brand of meats as well as private-label products for other companies,” it says.

The company also offers multiple specialty items and works to introduce a new item or concept annually. “Our by-products are sold primarily to customers in Mexico as well as in the Western United States,” WCCM says.

Hamming it Up
WCCM highlights its hams, which are made from USDA Grade 1 hams that are inspected to make sure they meet standards. “Each ham is vacuum packaged by our state-of-the-art packaging equipment to capture the freshness of wholesomeness and flavor,” the company says.

One of its popular items is the hickory smoked whole ham. During its processes, “We hand-trim the hams and mildly cure with the finest ingredients,” WCCM says. “We keep the bone in to retain all the natural succulence.”

Additionally, “They are cooked slowly with natural hickory smoke that results in a very tender, juicy and delicious ham that is fully cooked and ready to serve,” WCCM says.

WCCM also offers a smoked bacon sampler, which features maple and pepper hickory smoked bacon and apple double smoked bacon. “Our famous hickory smoked bacon is handpicked from only the finest USDA corn-fed hogs,” the company says. “The trimmed, extra lean bellies are then cured and smoked over certified, white hickory chips to a golden brown for that true country flavor.”

For its pepper bacon, “The pepper is hand-rubbed on the select, lean trimmed bellies before cooking and then hickory-smoked to perfection,” WCCM says.

“The maple bacon is cured the same as our other bacon with the addition of real maple syrup.” The company’s apple double smoked bacon is smoked with real apple wood chips. “There’s nothing quite like the aroma of country cured bacon sizzling in the skillet,” WCCM says.

A Great Group
WCCM’s team includes longtime employees, including Vice President of Administration and Finance Connie Ingraham. Having started at the company in 1983, “I feel very blessed to have a great group of individuals to work with here at WCCM,” she said.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Phil Voge also carries more than 20 years with the company.

“It has always been rewarding to sell high-quality products that we can be proud of and market with confidence,” he said.

“This is a result of hard work and careful attention to every detail by all of WCCM’s employees,” he stated, noting that the company continually strives to meet clients’ needs. “We appreciate [our clients’] business and will continue to cultivate new relationships.”