Working with Burger King Corporate, DTiQ was tasked with coming up with a multifaceted loss prevention solution

With an ROI focus, after DTiQ was installed in all company restaurants, Burger King Corporate reported an increase in profits of $700 per restaurant, per month. Director of Loss Prevention, BK Corporate and Doug Smith, Sr. Director, Enterprise Accounts at DTiQ tell the story.


When evaluating video and loss prevention solutions, Burger King company executives knew that good fit wasn’t just about hardware cost, it was about how much more they could achieve with the right enterprise software and support. During the initial rollout, the DTiQ Customer Success Team provided Burger King staff with a resource portal initiating a short training program. It quickly became apparent that the advantages of the DTiQ system could be extended well beyond surveillance. The team used the transaction and video integration in order to follow up on complaints, review suspicious transactions, and enforce employee discount policies. Burger King district managers were armed with tablets loaded with the intuitive DTiQ mobile application, which allowed them to stay on top of their entire district with complete visibility on the go. The real-time data, alerts, and enforceable SmartAudit™ reports sent by DTiQ’s professional loss prevention audit team provided operators with clear, simple, and actionable information for any type of investigation.

A loss prevention solution

Burger King Company Operations deployed the DTiQ Remote Auditing & Loss Prevention team to monitor all restaurants and provide actionable reports on critical issues regarding loss or theft. The Burger King Restaurant team quickly mitigated endemic operational problems, uncovered fraudulent activity that led to terminations, and highlighted procedural issues. The DTiQ Loss Prevention & Auditing Team works hand-in-hand with the Burger King Company Operations team to improve the accuracy and clarity of the reports, and implement best practices and procedures directly attributed to profitability, accountability, and productivity improvements at the restaurant level.

How DTiQ helped

The ease of use of DTiQ allows the Burger King Restaurant team to review all transactions – from food to service issues – and associated video across the enterprise. This unprecedented visibility has led to increased accountability in areas such as food safety standards and customer service, in turn, improving food quality and sales.

The Burger King Company Operations team employs customized Speed of Service alerts to flag above-normal wait times at the drive-thru. These alerts link to streaming video of the transactions, uncovering trending time to service issues, and notifying restaurant managers of specific instances of lost business. Specific documented incidents allow managers to act upon critical operational deficiencies.

The Burger King Human Resources team is able to review all complaints quickly – whether it’s customer service or internal disputes, HR can access, analyze, and archive video feed from any location to resolve the issue. DTiQ’s POS integration includes labor figures such as clock-in and out times, allowing users to easily manage and identify late employees and review productivity KPIs. Burger King management can utilize the advanced surveillance

features to prevent fraudulent personal injury claims, quickly provide law enforcement with video evidence of robberies, monitor parking lots for break-ins, enforce back-door policies, and ensure the safety of customers and employees alike.

The DTiQ mobile app makes it easy for the management team to have a presence at all restaurants without actually being physically present. Burger King Company managers reported a 20 percent reduction in daily unproductive management time such as driving between stores, while profits improved along with the customer experience. Time saved on travel to restaurants to put out fires allows the team to focus on proactive smart management.