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Issue 90

Comfort at your convenience

Having launched the world’s first drawer minibar, Dometic’s presence in the lodging and cruise line sector is as strong as ever

With its products sold in more than 100 countries around the world, the Dometic Group is a customer focused, global manufacturer of innovative leisure products for recreation vehicles, trucks, cars and marine markets, as well as specialist refrigerators for use in hotels, offices and medical applications. Serving industry clients and the aftermarket, its complete range of products are specifically designed to bring comfort and convenience to people on the move.
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Boasting a unique global service network that ensures the company consistently meets the high requirements and needs of its customers, Dometic’s core markets at present include Europe, Asia and the US, with plans in the near future to increase its level of activity in emerging areas such as Middle East, Eastern Europe and India.

“When you look back at the company’s history it becomes immediately clear that Dometic has been a leading figure in the field of noiseless cooling technology for the better part of 85 years,” explains Daniel Henrich, product manager of Dometic’s lodging and cruise line division. “In this time the company has developed a range of strengths and capabilities that have brought it great success. These include its ability to continuously focus on reducing energy consumption, re-invent the absorption cooling technology with unique product features and especially the fact that all of its factories remain 100 per cent owned and operated by Dometic. Similarly it possesses its own R&D departments, located both centrally and in local markets, which allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to all of its customer demands.”

The world’s first…
Active within the hotel products market for approximately 45 years, Dometic’s Lodging division’s activities primarily involve the sale of noiseless minibars to a number of well-known hotel chains. In May 2011, at first in response of a special customer request, the company unveiled what it bills as the world’s first drawer minibar.Dometic 2011 3

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time, minibars are found positioned low to the floor in such a way that makes access awkward and product visibility difficult,” Daniel continues. “What Dometic has brought to market is a completely new minibar concept, one that can be fitted in easier to reach areas, directly below a desk for example, and has a top-down layout making the whole process far more convenient for the consumer.”

“Officially launched to the wider market in summer 2011, an unexpected high volume of orders has already been recorded. Dometic remains the only company to offer a product like this and such has been its success that it is a known fact that others are now attempting to recreate it, so far with little success.”

Dometic’s success in its many different fields can also be traced back to its innovative approach that sees virtually every one of its divisions creating new designs, samples or models on an almost weekly basis: “In the lodging division we continue to develop different concepts of cooling devices that are being met with much enthusiasm and, in addition to that, we have projects that will be developed over the next several years, but this is just one segment of a company that is constantly evolving from a manufacturing point of view,” Daniel states. “This characteristic is so important given that one of the main challenges facing the company on a day-to-day basis is its need to be the first in the field to bring innovative ideas to the fore. It is clear that once a success some of these products will go on to be replicated, but being the first to unveil a game changing solution is one of things that will allow Dometic to remain a market leader.”

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