PTC Germany GmbH

Quality comes first

With several years of industry experience and a tightly controlled supply chain, PTC Germany GmbH is a leading specialist in the production, trade and distribution of both fresh and frozen fish products

Operating from its headquarters located in the town of Kempen in the district of Viersen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Product Trade Centre Germany (PTC) is a leading enterprise that was recently named as one of the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe 2016. The company was founded in December 2009 before later opening its Bremerhaven production site during 2010 and offers an extensive range of frozen and fresh fish products that can be purchased from its in-house production facilities. Over the subsequent years PTC hasPTC 123 b expanded to include processing plants within Poland, Africa, Cambodia and Turkey, while it was also announced that the company has taken control of a new production plant built close to the city of Smederevo, Serbia.

The first phase of the Serbian production hall encompasses 6000m2 of manufacturing space as well as 2.5km of road and supplementary infrastructure, resulting from an investment valued at around €3 million. In addition the manufacturing plant, the City of Smederevo has also constructed 500m2 of supporting cold storage, while PTC also plans to open an additional fish farm in the region. At the moment PTC is finalising its plans for phase two and phase three of their project in Serbia. Phase two will include a 6000m2 manufacturing hall for the production of shrimps and value added products. Phase three will include a 6000m2 fish smoking plant for the production of smoked tuna and smoked trout. Phase two and three will be will be fully operational in Q2/Q3 2018.

Supply chain control
The construction of the new facility is the result of an announcement from PTC during 2015 that was considering relocating its production operations from Vietnam and China to Serbia, due to the region’s business technology and logistical advantages.

With its far-reaching network of manufacturing facilities and logistics support, PTC is able to reach retail markets across the world. Indeed the company is able to present itself as a forward-looking, reliable and flexible partner throughout the retail and wholesales sectors. “We are able to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by demonstrating that we are in control of the entire supply chain, which means that we can guarantee a high reaching and consistent level of quality. PTC is very transparent in giving its customers prices and offer and it is our goal to be one of the leading seafood suppliers in the world within the next five to ten years, so it is very important for us to work closely with supermarkets and wholesalers, not simply as suppliers but also as partners,” reveals Purchasing Director, Jan van Asperen. “We can show our customers what we do, how we do it and what the exact price will be. This means that clients can see the entire supply chain, which gives them a much-improved view when compared to what they would have had in the past. Previously there were around ten companies that would respond to supply tenders and PTC 123 cthe customer would simply pick the cheapest one without knowing what raw materials were sourced, which facilities were implemented or if chemical treatments were used. All of these things could be an issue if they are unknown and we are able to remove that risk.”

Quality is at the heart of the PTCservice offering, allowing the company to offer excellent fresh and frozen fish products, as well as a fully traceable on trusted supply chain. Furthermore, while PTC is fully aware of its responsibility towards its customers and end consumers, it is also deeply aware of the importance of the environment and therefore works according to several sustainability standards including ASC and MSC. In order to ensure the quality of its comprehensive portfolio of fish products, the company carries out intensive quality control checks at its Kempen headquarters in addition to internal quality control operations at its production plants. Further to both in-house and external quality checks into its processed fish stocks, PTC also implements sustainable production techniques during its manufacturing processes to produce a product that its both sustainable and of the highest quality.

Throughout the company’s history, PTC has continued to invest in creating an open and sustainable supply chain that ensures that the business has full control of the production of fish products form the sourcing of raw materials to delivery. As a result of the development of this vertical supply chain, PTC represents a unique service offering that redefines what is possible in terms of quality within the fresh and frozen fish industry. During the coming years the business is expected to double in size by the end of 2016 and again in 2017. Over the subsequent years PTC aims to continue, to expand and to become one of the leading frozen and fresh fish supplier in the market.