Adams Food Service

Adams Foodservice: Leading the way in sustainable wholesale foodservice 

With a rich history spanning over four decades, Adams Foodservice has emerged as a stalwart in the UK’s wholesale foodservice sector. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to green business practices and a community-driven culture, the company’s operations were recently awarded the accolade ‘Foodservice Wholesaler of The Year’ by the Federation of Wholesaler Distributors. Mohammed Kola, Finance Director at Adams Foodservice, highlights the significance of this achievement, likening it to the ‘Oscars of the industry.’ 

The origins of Adams Foodservice trace back to a humble corner shop established over 40 years ago by a World War II veteran. With his pension funds, the founder embarked on a journey to create a family-operated business, envisioning it as a strong cohesive unit, where the family worked together. His ultimate vision was to keep the family close and united. The company has since flourished through the collective hard work and dedication of its growing team, adhering to the founding principles: doing the right thing for the planet, the community, and the people within and around the organization. 

When the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic gripped the nation, Adams Foodservice rose to the occasion, showcasing resilience and commitment to its workforce, as Mohammed Kola reveals: “One of the first things the senior management team agreed upon when the pandemic broke out was that our staff would get paid 100 percent, no matter what happened. At the time it was uncertain how the pandemic was going to affect business, but we knew that looking after our employees and their families should be our primary concern.” This decisive move, before the government’s announcement on how they were going to help businesses, demonstrated the company’s dedication to its employees and the wider community. In the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic Adams Foodservice temporarily closed its doors to trade. This was until it was established that food wholesale and distribution was recognized as an essential business.   

Adams Foodservice then took a lead in collaborating with local authorities and politicians to ensure the continued supply of food was readily available to vulnerable individuals. Adams Foodservice worked tirelessly to support both smaller local businesses and its supply chain partners to weather the pandemic.   

As the pandemic set in and gripped the country tighter, at the request of a local Member of Parliament, Adams Foodservice found itself filming an infomercial with a crew previously engaged in the creation of cinematic videos for the infamous Star Wars! The video created was aimed at illustrating how customers could access their delivery services.  

Organic growth 

Today Adams Foodservice continues to work closely with a number of local food banks, providing both cooked food and dietary staples for vulnerable families.  

The company’s vital role in supporting its local communities did not go unnoticed, as it received gratitude from none other than His Majesty Charles the Third, who invited the Director Sajad Hussain to The Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, to express appreciation for the service of Adams Foodservice and its employees.  

Despite facing numerous economic challenges, Adams Foodservice’s agility and proactive approach has allowed it to adapt, implementing necessary changes to its processes, people and IT infrastructure, which has ultimately strengthened the business. 

Indeed, with regards to IT, Adams Foodservice has conscientiously embraced modern technology throughout its core business infrastructure. Both internal and external systems use artificial intelligence to assist the business in making the right strategic moves. The dedicated development team has created a bespoke sales application, which utilizes an artificial intelligence engine to help Adams Foodservice customers with their shopping experience. 

The post pandemic and Brexit-induced strain presented an unexpected opportunity for Adams Foodservice to re-evaluate its physical infrastructures and processes. Anticipating rising energy prices, the company embraced greener energy alternatives, installing solar panels on distribution center roofs, and introducing a fleet of electric branch vehicles powered using the energy produced by its solar infrastructure. Mohammed Kola emphasizes the organizations commitment to sustainability: “Today, 98 percent of the waste generated by our business gets recycled, we buy only green energy and work hard educating our teams about the environment, carbon and how we can all play our part in a better more sustainable future.” Conscious of food miles, Adams Foodservice prioritizes local manufacturers, sourcing where possible from the local economy. Recognizing the need to reduce environmental impact, Adams Foodservice prides itself on being a green conscious company.  

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to packaging, where it showcases industry-leading innovation. Over the past few years Adams Foodservice has invested heavily in research and development in the field of practical sustainable packaging and ensures its product range remains exciting and consumer-centric by undertaking surveys with customers and their end users. Mohammed Kola highlights the company’s unique approach: “We really listen to our customer base, reaching out on a grassroots level and asking the right questions.” This approach has led to several innovations, notably the incorporation of small air holes in packaging to guarantee the pristine condition of products during transportation. 

As 2023 concluded with The Foodservice Wholesaler of The Year Award, Adams Foodservice sets its sights on a promising future. Mohammed Kola envisions strong organic growth throughout 2024; the company is considering potential acquisitions contributing to expansion and growth over the next five years. Looking further ahead, the company aspires to at least double in size and establish an international presence, exploring new opportunities in wider markets worldwide. 

In summary, Adams Foodservice stands as a beacon of sustainable success, seamlessly blending a rich history, commitment to community, and innovative practices. Positioned at the forefront of the industry, Adams Foodservice exemplifies the values of sustainability, resilience, and a forward-thinking approach, painting a positive and enduring image for the future.