Advancing sustainable packaging: ePac Introduces New Functional Recyclable Packaging Solutions 

In response to the latest regulations, ePac, a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions, is taking a significant step towards environmental stewardship. OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) has recently declared that Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) mixed structures are now officially recyclable in the United Kingdom. This announcement represents a major advancement in ePac’s ongoing commitment to offering sustainable packaging options (recyclable pouches and rollstock) that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.  

Background on OPRL polyolefin guidance update 

Effective January 2024, OPRL has updated its guidance to declare that PE and PP mixed structures are recyclable within the UK. This revision aligns with ePac’s commitment to sustainability and signifies a momentous step forward in the realm of flexible packaging sustainability.   

Key points of the OPRL guidance update

The updated OPRL guidance sets forth specific criteria for the recyclability of mixed polyolefin films, including: 

  • A minimum of 90 percent mixed polyolefin (PE and PP) content 
  • Restrictions on the inclusion of certain materials such as EVOH, PVOH, AlOx, SiOx, and Acrylic to no more than five percent 
  • Allowance for metallization, provided the metallization layer is within specified limits

This development has significant implications for both consumers and the environment. By adhering to these updated guidelines, ePac is contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. Customers can now confidently rely on ePac’s PE and PP mixed structures as recyclable packaging solutions that align with OPRL rules and are suitable for front-of-store collection recycling programs in the UK. 

ePac encourages customers to direct any specific questions or inquiries about artwork to OPRL and explore their recyclability calculator for valuable insights. Additionally, while mixed plastics are now deemed recyclable, OPRL continues to advocate for the use of monomaterial packaging for optimal recyclability.  

A call for sustainability 

At ePac, sustainability is not just a goal but a commitment that permeates every aspect of our operations. We understand the urgency of addressing environmental concerns and are dedicated to playing our part in shaping a more sustainable future for the packaging industry. 

Looking ahead, ePac reaffirms its dedication to promoting transparent communication and partnership with our valued customers. We encourage you to engage with our team for enlightening conversations regarding how our recyclable packaging solutions can address your unique requirements and support your sustainability objectives. If you’re ready to explore ePac’s recyclable packaging solutions, click here to get started!  

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