Cracking more markets

Balticovo is the major producer of table eggs and egg products in Northern Europe. It offers modern, high quality products and services to its consumers

Balticovo is one of Northern Europe’s major producers of fresh eggs and egg products. It has over 40 years of experience in the egg industry and modern production facilities have helped Balticovo become one of the leaders within its field of expertise. The company produces a significant amount of eggs and egg based products, something that chief commercial director Toms Auskaps explained: “We currently have almost 250 employees, and 2.8 million birds – with a daily production of 1.8 million eggs and yearly production of 630 million eggs. The company also has a market share in Latvia of 60 per cent, and an export share of about 70 per cent.”

The product of Balticovo might be quickly summarised simply as eggs – but this would miss out a great deal of what it does with the product and what the company has on offer for its clients. There is an extensive but varied list, which helps the business appeal to a wide array of countries and clientele. It is a long-standing supplier of shell eggs, but some of its other core products are liquid egg products, boiled eggs, quail eggs, mayonnaise, and egg powders. Another aspect of the company was described by Toms: “We have our own facilities and rape seed oil production site. This is a fantastic synergy, which we are able to use in our other products, such as mayonnaise, ensuring that we have almost total control over all the products that are involved in the final product.”

The diversity of Balticovo products demonstrates the company’s commitment to its customers – always trying to find new ways of appealing to people. Some of the varieties of shelled egg products, for example, include caged, barn, and free range. Then there are further egg specifications that include various brown egg types and a range of sizes. The company is attentive to its customers needs, even providing egg selections for different every day uses, if a customer prefers large eggs for breakfast Balticovo offers that. This even takes the form of producing eggs that are specifically made to offer health benefits. Such examples include eggs with extra selenium to boost immunity, eggs with added omega-6 to aid a good physiology, and there are even eggs perfect for omelets that contain extra omega-3. There is quality, choice, and healthy enhancements, across the range that Balticovo has to offer, which demonstrates the company’s passion for its products and its customers.

The company also develops liquid egg products, which include premade mixtures or refined parts of the egg, such as liquid pancake mix, scrambled egg, egg white, and many more liquid egg products. These will appeal directly to customers, but also to retailers and food producers that rely on egg produce – such as those making bakery goods.

This might explain why the company has been identified as one of the fastestgrowing and most dynamic businesses across the EU. This recognition came from the London Stock Exchange 2016 Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe. In order to achieve this accolade the company had to be EU-registered, active, have revenues between EUR ten million and EUR 300 million and show consistent revenue growth over a minimum of three years. The European Business Awards also recognised Balticovo for its exports accomplishments.

With such a wide variety of products in its portfolio and having been recognised for several awards, Balticovo is in a strong position. It will no doubt continue this expansion, and its eggs, mayonnaise, quails eggs will be found feeding people from the US to the UAE, and everywhere in between. The company is committed to growing its exports, and claiming a larger market share within Europe and across the world. Balticovo is identifying key products for specific areas and Toms provided an example: “The market is booming for egg white as a product – this is particularly the case in the US.”

Balticovo is still continuing to improve its production, expand its range, and build its presence in global markets. It has no shortage of ideas or ambitions, and has already proven over the past four decades that it is an adaptable and growing business – Balticovo will no doubt be supplying food and ingredients that will feed more people every year.