Berg Hospitality

Delve into Berg Hospitality’s inspiring story and passion for unparalleled dining experiences

Derived from its CEO and Founder Benjamin Berg’s passion for hospitality and the culinary arts, Berg Hospitality Group is a household name in Texas, where the company launches and operates its eclectic restaurants. Notably, the budding culinary group is responsible for creating B&B Butchers and Restaurant in Houston and Fort Worth, B.B. Lemon, The Annie Café and Bar, Turner’s, Trattoria Sofia, Emilia’s Havana, Benny Chows, Annabelle Brasserie, and many more exciting concepts to come. With a commitment to giving back to local communities and a true desire to offer first-class service, all of Berg Hospitality’s restaurants offer unique atmospheres and unparalleled experiences for their guests while always fostering an inclusive environment for all customers, staff, and vendors. Today, Benjamin unveils what led him to create Berg Hospitality. 

Benjamin Berg

“It all began when I was still in college. I started out working in a bar as a bouncer and worked my way up to become a barback and later, a bartender. I enjoyed the work so much that I continued working in restaurants throughout summer break and by the time I graduated, I was an assistant manager. Upon graduation, I was having a conversation with my father about my future endeavors. Although it didn’t sound particularly exciting to me, I envisioned taking the LSATs and going to law school. To my surprise, it was my dad who encouraged me to do what I enjoy and pursue a career in the hospitality sector. I decided to go for it, and he put me in touch with an acquaintance who had contacts that owned luxury hotels in Lake Placid, New York, one of them being The Point. At the time, The Point was the number one small hotel in the US. I began working there as a bellman and then did a bit of everything except for housekeeping. After expressing my desire to leave the front desk and become more involved with the restaurant side of the business, Mark Stebbings, who was running the dining room – and is still my mentor to this day – offered me comprehensive management training. I fell in love with the world of hospitality from there and never looked back.  

“Subsequently, I attended Cornell Graduate School for Hospitality to further my understanding of the business and gained experience all over the country, from Mexico City to Las Vegas, South Carolina, New York, and Florida. But all along, I just had this drive to create my own business. So, when the opportunity arose and I felt I was prepared, I seized it and opened my first restaurant. I often tell others that getting a restaurant up and running feels like losing two years of your life, but slow and steady wins the race in the end. Despite the demanding nature of the industry, I find myself addicted to it. Growing a team, expanding a business, and continuously learning about different cuisines and aspects of the industry could never be boring to me,” he reveals. 

Exceptional experiences 

Since officially launching the first Berg Hospitality restaurant in 2015, called B&B Butchers, the company has gone on to open a further 13 restaurants. “We are on track to open another six this year,” begins Benjamin. “Across all our restaurants, our aim is to craft a unique, high-end experience with elegant design and full-service, fine dining. We don’t do anything cookie cutter as we love to come up with new concepts to avoid repetition. Our venues extend from a tavern burger bar to an Italian eatery, French brasserie, a steakhouse, and even a high-end Chinese restaurant. What remains the same in all our sites is our culture of putting our guests and employees first, ensuring great experiences for our customers. Additionally, we make great strides in pushing the boundaries of design, building spaces that blend exquisite food and great hospitality which offer escapism to our guests for the couple of hours they are with us,” he continues. 

Benjamin shares more details regarding Berg Hospitality’s six upcoming restaurants. “Two more different styles of steakhouses will be opening soon. The first one, called Prime 131, will feature a massive wood grill system in the middle of the dining room. This innovative addition will offer a captivating spectacle for our guests as they will be able to see their food being cooked on the grills in real time. Interestingly, the name of the restaurant is derived from the famous table 131 which was considered the best table in my first restaurant, B&B Butchers. Everyone always requested to be sat at that table because it offered a fantastic view of the entire dining room. Our idea with Prime 131 is to recreate that exceptional experience by ensuring that every table provides a great view of the grills and the chefs in the middle of the restaurant.  

“Our second steak restaurant, Turner’s Cut, will be ultra high-end, almost like a playground for the elite, transcending the concept of a classic New York-style steakhouse. We want to throw in some flair with live music and by drawing inspiration from the roaring twenties. This theme and atmosphere, combined with the finest cuts of meat, are sure to transport our guests into another world.  

Entrepreneurial spirit 

Additionally, we are introducing our first fast casual concept, Buttermilk Baby. This new addition is our modern take on the classic soda fountain diner with a Southern twist, serving comfort foods like pancakes, biscuits, fried chicken and ice cream. We aim to instill a sense of nostalgia by recreating the experience of sitting at the counter, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We’ll still incorporate elevated design elements that will create a distinct atmosphere from that of 1950s kitschy establishments,” he elaborates. 

With more doors set to open soon, Berg Hospitality prepares for the busy year ahead. “With the opening of Soy Cowboy, our largest restaurant to date, we need to ensure we have the right talent in important positions. Getting everything perfectly organized is key. As we are still exploring new management deals, striking a balance between establishing a functional structure and preserving our entrepreneurial spirit remains a top priority,” Benjamin ends. 

By continuously exploring unique concepts and crafting exceptional hospitality experiences, Berg Hospitality is poised for successful expansion across Texas and beyond.