Taste Test

The FoodChain team sample a selection of new and innovative foods and drinks

A new drink experience
Kolibri Drinks is a pioneering botanical drinks brand, born out of the rising trend for healthy, non-alcoholic and sophisticated beverages.

Offering three delicious flavours – Cardamon & Chilli, Strawberry & Basil, and Elderflower & Lime – the lightly carbonated drink offers a cocktail-esque experience, best served over ice in a balloon glass. What’s more, the flavour profile can be tailored to the individual’s choice as it comes separately in an innovative squeezable cap.

With only 0-40 calories per bottle (around a third of a gin and tonic) and 100 per cent natural ingredients, Kolibri was created to be the go-to non-alcoholic drink for the conscious consumer.

“I loved the packaging before I tasted the drink, as the glass bottle had a good weight to it, and made it feel like something more than a soft drink,” said our tester. “I tried the strawberry and basil, which was really interesting, but what I really loved was the squeezable cap that let me add agave nectar to my own taste. Not only was this a bit of fun, it was also a brilliant way to adjust the drink to my exact requirements. Very clever!”

Cool container
If you’re eating lunch al-desko, or looking for a way to keep food hot or cold on the move, Klean Kanteen’s range of Tare It Up Food Canisters replace a lifetime of throwaway plastic containers and bags. These Vacuum Insulated Food Canisters are especially great for keeping food cold and fresh or piping hot, but can also be used for storing leftovers in the fridge or transporting food to work, school or on your next adventure.

“I was impressed by The Klean Kanteen canister I was lucky enough to try,” said our tester. “It was a lovely solid stainless steel container, very easy to transport and clean, and kept my lunch lovely and hot. It had a nice wide mouth, which made it easy to fill and eat from with no mess. I love a functional product that really does what it is supposed to – a great little addition to my cupboard!”

Born in the amazon
A new gin has been introduced to the UK thanks to the expertise of DUSA, Diplomático Rum’s Venezuelan distillery. Canaïma is a finely balanced gin including ten of 19 botanicals sourced in the Amazon with the help of local communities. At 47% ABV, Canaïma delivers great harmony of flavours and aromas for a unique taste profile.

Producing Canaïma Gin is a complex process given that each botanical is individually treated, macerated and distilled. Macerating and distilling each botanical in small batches of 500 litres allows the Master Distillers to create a uniquely crafted gin reflecting DUSA’s long tradition of gin making. “Our intention has not only been to bring to the world an exceptional gin but also to contribute to the well-being of local communities through our collaboration with the Tierra Viva Foundation and Saving the Amazon,” adds Edouard Beaslay, Canaima’s Global Marketing Director.

“I loved how the gin is helping the indigenous communities,” said our tester. “But the most important thing is how it tasted and it was delicious! It was really quite distinctively fruity, and when I used grapefruit soda as recommended to make their signature Amazonian G&G, it was a really refreshing and sophisticated drink.”