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With over a decade of experience, Sundance Partners LLP is dedicated to supplying the city of London with a new standard in luxury, fresh juices

From its state-of-the-art factory in London’s New Covent Garden, Sundance Partners is proud to provide its clients with delicious, refreshing and 100 per cent natural fruit juices. Its products are carefully crafted with premium ingredients that are selected from trusted suppliers in a journey that began over ten years ago, as head of business development Estefania Arrocet explains: “Sundance was founded by two partners who had identified a niche in the market for fresh juice for the catering industry. They discovered a really good apple juice from a local farmer in the UK and believed in that product enough to take it to London, where there was a lot of room in the market for exceedingly high-quality fresh juices for the hotel industries and restaurants.”
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Following the success for the new business venture the company soon began to develop its own juices and recipes. In 2006 Sundance Partners moved to its current New Covent Garden location where it continues to produce fresh juices, processing some 50 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables per week. Today all of the juices provided by Sundance Partners are fully produced in-house and the company’s range has evolved from a single apple juice to a tantalising array of premiere juices and fruit purees. “We mainly produce the typical breakfast juices such as orange, pink grapefruit, pineapple or cranberry as well as lemon and lime juices for kitchens. We work closely with the bar industry too and supply more specialised juices such as red pepper, ginger or bergamot juice and a wide range of fruit purees for cocktail development,” Estefania elaborates. “We also have a line of exotic juices, which encompasses everything you can imagine from banana and pink guava to lychee with berries and mint.”

The range of juices offered by the company is tailored to meet the varying and demanding trends of London’s busy hotel, restaurant and bar industries and as such, Sundance Partners works in close co-operation with its suppliers and clients to ensure that it delivers the right recipes that embody the highest quality. “The juices themselves are developed in response to what the sector wants,” Estefania says. “Clients call us and say that they would like vegetable juices for example, because customers are demanding them, or they will request a particular tropical juice to match the style of cuisine that they are serving. We have a production team that takes care to ensure that the quantities of the fruit in the juice are correct to make it great and once we are happy with it we send it top chefs, bar staff and mixologists to get their feedback. Therefore our recipes really come from the trends of the capital’s food industry and specifically the leaders of these trends.”

As Sundance Partners continues to establish itself as a leading brand in the delivery of high-quality juices, the company is already looking at new avenues to enable it to capture a wider section of the market as well as new products matching the latest developments in the fresh juice industry, such as the growing demand for cold-pressed juices.

Through the application of intense pressure during the final processing phase, cold-pressing inactivates pathogens that would otherwise harm the juice meaning that it is possible to ship juice that remains safe, fresh and tastes excellent for weeks instead of a few days. Sundance Partners has taken an interest in the cold-press technique and through the acquisition of cold-press machines the business is currently readying itself to bring its leading knowhow to this emerging market sector. “Cold-press is very interesting and is certainly an important trend within the market. However, the process does have its complications, because it is still a very expensive product,” Estefania explains. “We will introduce cold-press at a suitable price point soon but there are several areas to consider beforehand, however this is certainly something exciting that we are working on.”Sundance Partners 3

In conjunction with its on-going development of exciting new juices and movement into new manufacturing techniques, Sundance Partners is also planning to diversify its market reach through the introduction of a home delivery service powered by a new ecommerce venture in the near future, as Estefania reveals: “Sundance Partners presently delivers to around 400 clients on a daily basis, these are businesses such as hotels, bars and restaurants so we already has the logistical knowhow to deliver to whoever we want to. Therefore we think that it makes sense to make home deliveries and plan to have ecommerce and home delivery operational in the next year or so.”

As the capital’s demand for cutting-edge cuisine continues to soar, Sundance Partners is on hand to deliver the right juice at the best possible quality for clients old and new, as Estefania concludes: “We find that in the hotel industry for example, that there is still a lot of concentrated orange juice around – even in high quality hotels. What we are trying to say is that in London concentrated juice is not really acceptable, especially with the current trends within the food and beverage industry. Standards are very high at present and we want to be the company that produces highest quality juices.”