Taste test – Samisonline.com

A range of tastes

With the aim to deliver the authentic taste of African-Caribbean food to their customers, Olusegun Akande and his chef wife Oyetola Isola launched Samisonline.com in 2009. The couple also launched some tasty ready meals (oyettymeals.com) that they sell through Samis.

Today Samisonline.com is the UK’s leading one-stop online superstore for the highest quality and authentic African-Caribbean food produce, with a range that includes fresh vegetables, dry foods (staples, flours, spices, seasonings), frozen vegetables, frozen meat, poultry, fishery products and drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic).

The team were very impressed with the wide and generous selection of products that Samisonline provided; from peanuts to seasonings and snacks. The Ades brand plantain chips particularly stood out, as one tester notes: “In balancing salt and sweetness – and ensuring the final product has just the right amount of bite – these moreish nibbles are great as an accompaniment or snack.”

The team also discovered the joy of biscuity, nutmeg-laced Jaffro Chin Chins, and Tropical Suns Crunchy Coconut Peanuts, with their sweet yet brittle shell of coconut cream that gives an extra level of crunch.